What would you advise in her position?


Devastated mum's plea to sons
Evening Star
04 September 2007 | 13:00

DEVASTATED Lorraine McClure, the mother of friendly fire victim Aaron, today urged her other sons not to join the army and risk facing the same fate as her eldest.

Miss McClure, of Marlow Road, has been left heartbroken after her 19-year-old son was killed in Afghanistan on August 23.

Pte McClure's brother, Lewis, 18, was accepted by The Royal Anglian regiment last month and was due to swear oath the day after his brother died and start basic training at Catterick in North Yorkshire this month.

His other brothers, Daniel, 16, and Ryan, 12, have also expressed an interest in joining the army.

However Their plans have now been put on hold.

Today Miss McClure, 36, spoke about her wish for her other sons to stay away from the army and war zones.

She said: “I don't want them to go. I'm not sure what Lewis thinks about it now.

“They all wanted to be in the army because they looked up to Aaron so much.

“The army has given Lewis up to a year to decide if he still wants to join so that will give him plenty of time to make up his mind. I do not want him there. I don't want any of them to be there.”

In a tribute to his brother, Lewis talked about how Pte McClure travelled with him in July to Pirbright when he took his army selection course.

He said: “When I passed, he was so proud of me and I was grateful for him being there with me.

“He was so dedicated to the army. I will never be a soldier like he was but I will try my hardest to make him proud of me.”

All three brothers, plus Aaron's mother, father Karl, and best friend Gavin Baldwin, attended the repatriation ceremony at RAF Lyneham in Wiltshire on Friday to see Pte McClure's body return to the UK.

He died alongside two others from the 1st Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment, Ptes Robert Foster, 19, from Harlow, and John Thrumble, 21, from Chelmsford, after an American F15 fighter jet dropped a bomb from an aircraft based at RAF Lakenheath. Their bodies were also flown home on Friday afternoon.

Miss McClure said: “It is just good to have him home. I just wanted to hold him. I am relieved to have him home but I still can't quite believe he is not coming back.

“Meeting the other families really helped. We can support each other. We have exchanged numbers and will keep in touch.

“You know that they are going through the same things as you. It is a bit of a relief because you think you're the only one feeling the guilt.

“I saw the other coffins coming out and you feel pain for the other families.

“The inquest hasn't even come into my mind yet. We just want to lay him to rest and give him a good send-off.”

On Saturday a minute's silence was held for Pte McClure at a football match in Claydon in which his brother Ryan was playing.

Really the boy are in an impossible position. Going with what they want to do or going along with their mother.
They are their lives to live.
I doff my cap to the lads for wanting to join, it shows immense character that they are considering it. However my heart also goes out to their mum, she has sons she can be truly proud of.

Its a tough call and a no win situation for any of them I suspect but I think she should support whatever choice they make.

She has my deepest sympathies.
Its probably worth remembering this story:

George, Francis, Joseph, Madison, and Albert Sullivan, all sailors from Waterloo, Iowa, gave their lives in World War II, when on November 12, 1942, the cruiser JUNEAU (CL 52) was sunk during the battle of Guadalcanal. Tragically, most of the crew was lost, including all five Sullivan brothers.
and this one:

Saving Private Hubbard: soldier sent home after his brothers die

In an eerily prescient interview in early 2005 with the Los Angeles Times, Jeff Hubbard and his wife Peggy are discussing the pain of losing their son. Lying on a couch near by, a guitar at his side, bearded, and wearing a beanie hat, was Nathan, then 19 and unemployed. For the first time, he tells his parents: “I’ve always thought about joining myself, you know.” His mother replies: “No. No way. You’re not going.” Later, he confided to the reporter: “There’s lots of things popping in my head. Go there and honour him [Jared] and maybe a little vengeance pumping through my blood, too.” Then he added: “But I can’t do that to my family.”

By the autumn of 2005, he and Jason, a former policemen with a wife and a two-year-old son, had enlisted. Their mother said she believed Jason had joined the Army to protect Nathan. In an interview before their deployment, Nathan said: “People are going to be hurt, and people are going to be killed. That is the reality you have to accept, but not dwell on.”


There is also the story of John Rigby who died in June. His twin brother Will returned to Iraq after the funeral.
Still a very diffilcult decision for the boys.
I can understand why she would feel that way, but her sons will do it anyway. What a situation to be in.
DEVASTATED Lorraine McClure, the mother of friendly fire victim Aaron, today urged her other sons not to join the army and risk facing the same fate as her eldest.
i am so sorry about your son Aaron miss McClure , But my point being is that you cant live your children's life for them .

No matter what you tell kids they will do the opposite , I know you think that if your other children join the army they will have the same fate as your son Aaron , But where do you draw the line ,Life is a gamble and if you stop your other children joining the army when they want to they will hold it against you .
My heart goes out to Miss McClure and her family. Although the decision of whether to join is ultimately down to the sons, I think it is very important they all reach a decision together.

No mother wants to lose a child, and the grief that comes with that im sure is unimaginable. But the thought have having to go through all that again is too much.

It is an honourable thing to join the forces, even more so if a member of your family has been killed or injured. I just hope any decision they make is made for the right reasons.

My thoughts are with you all.
Without wishing to sound harsh and unempathetic, she needs to cowboy up and let her sons live their own lives.
i agree that the boys need to follow their dreams. albeit better with their mothers blessing and support.
mine wants to join the army when he finishes school. my opinion on my brat is that he should learn something in civvie street first, then join up to see if he can stick it out. at the minute he doesnt have the attitude or strength to cope with it in my opinion.sorry for deviating the thread slightly
Me and my brother are both in, My Dad and his brother were both in. That's what families with a military leaning do.

Tragic circumstances, but I would venture that if Pte McClure's brothers do not join then they will regret it.
I joined with my father saying it would only happen over his dead body. Unfortunately, I joined two years after he died.

I can imagine her angst and sympathize. I can also see the lads point of view and how they must have looked up to their brother.

I wish them all the best of luck in any decision they make.

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