what would u say are the things to put in a survival tin?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by friday, Feb 1, 2006.

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  1. just would like to know what u think are the best things to put in a survival tin
  2. Mobile phone, pack of condoms and 20 quid for the taxi ride home!
  3. sas handbook, 12 sets of squishies, a box of pencils, waterproof matches, eddie stone, a walt handbook, and some homemade fishing equipment made from a tin of tuna, a paperclip, 1 thread of cotton torn from actual sas issue arctic smock, and a switz army knife; just because they have those little tweezers and the 'always useful when on the run from ahardened gurilla force' toothpick!
    Of course don't forget the jonnys, always go with the jonnys, infact, you could even use them as a waterproof outer layer if needs be!

    on a srious note: there has to be loads of sites on how to make one, 'google it' mate! :wink:
  4. Firstly, let me welcome you to ARRSE. I am not sure how we have managed without you; you are almost illiterate, post complete drivel and in short appear to be a troll of the highest order. :roll:

    I, and many others, just hope that you have Cyanide pills in your tin and you feel compelled to give one a try (on yourself).
  5. 2 ounces Golden Virginia
    Bic lighter
  6. Are you mental? How the hell am I supposed to fit him in....that fat b*****d Ray Mears is taking up the whole bloody tin!
  7. cigarettes, lots and lots of cigarettes
    and something to light them with
  8. if you want something to light your fags with then you can never fail with an actual sas survival arctic eddie stone flint blocky ray mears thingy special ops! they're always the best for that kind of job, especially if on covert operations behind enemy lines, and you really need to survive...with just your tin!
    Oh yes and if your making a survival tin don't forget your tampons, no no no, they're really good for helping start fires and you can also use them interigation if captured!!!!

    seriously, what i want to know is: if the sas are soooo good why are they the only buggrs who carry survival tins, i mean they're like expecting to be on the run without any kit, i think we should launch the 'S.A.S.S.E.P.' project: 'super army soldier self esteem' project.
    Maybe get the sun to come to hereford, what do ya say??
  9. Laminated porn, some cigarettes and some johnnys for those Crazee Dutch girls in the Netherlands, yesh?

    Seriously, Survival kits (my two pennorth) are gradable- you've got your basic survival tin with all the usual gubbins (condoms included, yeah baby!). Thats your minimum. If you've got more space, take a pouch- allows mess tin, gas, space blankets gucci mini waterproof by Arktis etc... If you're carrying anymore than that then should be mincing around with all the good stuff like bivi bag, sleeping bag and loadsa food, water and stuff. GPS and mobile phone are good at this point, btw.

    Or staying in a B&B having a dirty weekend with the other half means you need money, more money, cigarettes, condoms and a good camcorder.

    Back to the serious Ray Mears bit... Two major things to note.

    One. Take a mini survival handbook- reference guide to the bits you've forgotten on your course and you can always burn the non relevant bits, such as using temperate Europe instructions whilst stranded on that desert island with theat clan of nubile blonde amazons...

    Two. Don't follow advice from courses, books and online and take stuff you can't use. Why bother- if you can't use it, you're just wasting space that can be filled with stuff that you can...
  10. Use two differently-sized tins. Put the essentials in the smaller tin and put the lid on. Put the smaller tin in the bigger tin. Fill the space between the two tins with the stuff that wouldn't fit in the smaller tin. Put the tins in a jacket pocket. Put anything that wouldn't fit in the tins in the pocket. Fill the remaining jacket pockets with the stuff that wouldn't fit in the pocket with the tins in. Do the same with the trousers.

    Don't forget to make a note in your notebook of essential survival hints:

    If you get really stuck when you're lost in the wilderness, starving, soaked and hypothermic, you could always visit www.arrse.co.uk for very useful survival tips. Everybody's keen to help.
  11. A small wooden duck to put on your head whilst hiding in a river, and a Robin Hood outfit.
  12. One 45 caliber automatic, two boxes of ammunition, four days concentrated emergency rations, one drug issue containing antibiotics, morphine,vitamin pills, sleeping pills, tranquilizer pills, one miniature combination Rooshan phrase book and Bible, one hundred dollars in rubles, one hundred dollars in gold, nine packs of chewing gum, one issue of prophylactics, three lipticks, three pairs of nylon stockings.
  13. Shoot, a guy could have a pretty wild weekend in Vegas with all that!