What would this BARB score mean?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by MajorJon, Jun 2, 2013.

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  1. I was researching a point I came across in some material I picked up from one of the big AFCO's in London recently online and stumbled upon the practice tests on the army website (I never knew they had them there) so decided to take the practice BARB test: I ended up with a score of 69 overall ( 12/12 in reasoning , 16/16 in letter checking , 17/20 in number distance , 20/20 odd one out test and 4/12 in symbol rotation test)

    This along with the fact that I have 9 GCSE's grade A-E with B's in English , C in Maths and B's in Physics and Chemistry and a C in Biology , what kind of jobs could be open to me as a soldier in the army. Be it regular or TA? I know I posted this in the reggies area ... oops.

    For the purpose of this, I will not take into account mthe BTEC I am studying now and the UCAS Points that will come with it , as I do not yet know what grades I am predicted , nor will I account for the degree I intend to study to.

    Put simply? with 69 do I have a chance at pretty much anything I want? or am I limted?
  2. The BARB score could mean a lot, you just have to pass the interviews, medical and ADSC now!
  3. You know very well this is this a question for the AFCO and not here, you may as well ask someone sat next to you on the bus.
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