What Would The Lovely Kira Cochrane Make of This....??

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Santa_Sunday, Dec 19, 2006.

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  1. LittleJohn

    Talking about "The People's Prostitues....."


    Kira's probably going mental. Have a read. Like him or loathe him - he certainly doesn't pull his punches.......!!!
  2. How can we expect anything less from the Daily Hate
  3. he's only saying what Moody said...has he been reading ARRSE as well as Kira Cocks-run????
  4. HAHAHAH.......

    You must be a communist, or a gayer.......??? Or a gay communist....??

    I like the Mail - It panders to my irrational phobias and prejudices.

    Littlejohn for PM...........!!

    Clarkson for Deputy…………!!
  5. Here Here as a squadie I put my life on the line due to my work, so did they so fcku em'.

  6. Apparently I work for Number 10 - so I'd be a Tory then
  7. A bit further to the right of the Tories, Sven.
  8. "Ridicule that which you fear."

  9. Some kind of pie probably, if she could find a way.
  10. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator


  11. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    I mourn the loss of a mother, and a daughter.

    I don't mourn the loss of a drug-addled whore.

    Its just a pity the two happen to be the same, therefore conflict will always arise from this, and a compromise will never be reached.
  12. MODs,

    Is there any particular reason why this has been moved into The ARRSE Hole.

    Is it Littlejohn you object to......?? Why is this worthy of 'The ARRSE Hole' treatment yet a thread on the same subject (vaguely at least) that has turned into page after page of personal 'slagging' remanis...??

    Heads up please...........
  13. Come on Santa, let's not play the "What did I do card"?

    What does Kira Cochrane have to do with this? Just a bandwagon exercise by you wasn't it? Look at the replies on the thread before I moved it.

    Furthermore, did you fail to notice the other thread on this episode in Current Affairs is locked?

    It's locked, because some Arrses just can't resist a virtual 'dirty protest' , in spite of repeated requests , post edits and warnings. As I warned, the thread was locked.

    Curious that the Punternet thread hasn't been touched. So I assume some people were more interested in smearing virtual sh*t up the walls and over themselves and people who didn't agree with them in Current Affairs, than they were in actually having a serious debate on the matter?

    This is in the Arrsehole, because in my opinion as the Current Affairs moderator, it was a bandwaggoning exercise by you, as subsequent posts seem to bear out.

  15. Could your post header be more inciteful? Don't play the innocent Santa.

    He quoted

    A sub-class of softies he refers to, by classifying them as readers of the paper. He doesn't actually refer to the Guardian as far as I can see. Journalists are very careful when it comes to smearing one of their own I notice.

    But by your own admission were aware of the thread. Why start another one, if you hadn't realised that one was locked? Surely you'd have a look at the 26 page marathon thread first?

    Perhaps I could have phrased that better, but I would have thought my further comments illustrated my point. There is another thread on the subject running in the Naafi, where people can happily name-call and behave in a beastly fashion around this topic. But surprisingly , most, if not all the additional posts are mergers by me out of the Current Affairs thread.

    Indeed . However in this case, my opinion was formed by multiple deletions, editing, merged posts and disregarded warnings on the locked Current Affairs thread, and the content of the existing Naafi thread which refers to the Journalist in question. Taking these two factors into consideration formed my opinion, on the likely direction a thread with a title such as this , and the early contributions made would take.

    Because of the precedent set by the existing threads, and the form this one was already starting to take, the thread was moved here.

    Then why use the name of the Journalist who is currently getting a torrid time here, and the sobriquet 'Lovely' save to incite? A bandwagoning exercise.

    You seem to have adopted a Nelsonian touch to ;


    Hardly the sort of post I'd expect from someone hoping to have an illuminating and educated debate on the subject



    I think it 'bears it out' more than adequately.

    Why should I give the Naafi mods even more work , when there are already 2 threads running on the subject there?

    I can't speak for other Mods, and what they would have done.