What would the christians have done?

I noticed on tele the other day that when they were interviewing the female sailor captured by the iranians and that she had a head scarf thingy on. My immediate thought was they obviously did this due to their beliefs so I am wondering, had it been the other way around would we have removed one of their females burkas? I don't wanna start a racist back and forth; Just wondering how "we" would have handled it.


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Nothing - we wouldn't have shown her on the telly.
Doubtful they had her put on the head scarf for religious reasons entirely! They're just trying to provoke the west.
When in Rome. I've always believed in adapting to the customs of the places I visit, even when it wasn't totally voluntary ("All those who wish to volunteer...Wait for it... Breathe!").

Just a pity so many of those f*ckers don't return the compliment when they come here.


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FaceLikeAPingPongBall said:
Personally I would have told them to fcuk off as it was not part of my naval uniform or religious beliefs and I wouldn't bloody wear it..... well, maybe on my safe release anyway!
Problem is, the girl's gone soft under the hardship IMHO. She's dancing to their tune and writing the letters they are asking her to. Not a good sign.

I am getting the impression that the boys have told them where to get off and this is why there is nothing forthcoming from them. I am hoping they are doing the big three, even though we are not at war with Iran (yet) and don't have to.

I hope they all come home in one piece.

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