What would the Camp Com think...?

On Thursday as I drove into camp a car came out of camp with the driver talking on his mobile phone. The car struggled to get round the roundabout 50 yards outside gate and car drove off slowly as driver was obviously finding it difficult to talk and drive at the same time.

As it was very obvious to all who witnessed this (at least 6 people) that this driver is employed in some way at Middle Wallop this has not presented the camp in a very good light. I made a note of the vehicle registration number, if I was to pay Camp com a visit what would his reaction be to news people who work on his camp behaving in such a reckless manner?
A good ignoring?

Six whole outraged members of the public?

If your safety was endangered - call the plod. Who's to say that car was driven by someone the Comdt gives a toss about?

What a non-thread.
The Camp Comd, faced with your evidence, and its obviously bugging you woul:

1. Answer the phone seem very concerned and do diddly squiddly
2. Pass it to Camp RSM who will speak to individual
3. Deal with it himself
4. Not answer the phone.

Just follow him next time you see him and when he stops poor brake fluid in to his air intake. Car or body. He will know that you are pi55ed off.

You are called REME Brat, was your old man a tiffy? not that it matters

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