what would the cadets like to see from training ?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by static-line-pimp, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. To try and find the average cadets opinion on training I thought I would ask the following question.
    I am probably stitching myself right up here but aside from your normal APC syllabus training what would all you cadets out there like to see from training,I currently write and run a training programme for cadets and do try where possible to make it as fun ,realistic and different for them as I possibly can ,we currently take around 40 cadets away on fieldcraft weekends at least 8 times a year,
    so you lot are the punters what do you want to do?

    please keep this sensible I really cannot see 16 AA brigade lending us any apaches............
  2. If you want a more representative member base, why not try armycadetforce.com

    Not many cadets post on this forum, as its seen more for AIs like us, and when cadets do post here, they often get a bit of stick, like Cadet_Chandler/Emo.

    I get the impression that cadets want more military themes, less AT, Go-karting/sports etc; Its the ARMY CADET FORCE, not the scouts or local youth club, where they can do such things without the uniform rules, regulations, drill etc;

    I think we should concentrate on what we can uniquely provide, as a military 'taster' organisation. Thats how we attract, retain, and get the best from our recruits, both cadets and adult.
  3. some training exercersises with the TA would be awsome as we can reli get to prove our worth and dispell any views that cadets are just wannabe soldiers.

    but no doubt the health and safety jerks wont have any of it
  4. Basic English lessons wouldn’t go amiss either :D
  5. Do you want to be a soldier? Then you are a wanabee soldier. Of course not all cadets do want to be soldiers, so it is innacurate to describe them all as such.

    Sorry pimp, you did say keep this sensible.

    I am arranging parachuting for some older cadets, I am happy to be the facilitator...rather them than me frankly. It's going down well.

    Trying to arrange an excercise with an affiliated TA unit, but it isn't realistic to integrate with them in the field so it's likely to end up with the cadets playing enemy. Can't see any problems so long as the TA guys are properly briefed so as to avoid any 10 Para/4 RGJ moments.

    Like you I'd be pleased to hear others ideas.
  6. TA and regular ASSISTANCE and PARTICIPATION in County/Battallion wide ACF excercises would be better, but the TA are no longer the 'Gun club with a drink problem' that some units were in the dim and distant past, and are now very much a reserve force highly likely to deploy in AFG/Iraq, so we in the ACF have much less in common.

    There are other valid political reasons why joint training is unlikely and probably unnacceptable in the current climate.

    Health and safety Jerks. Well thank-you. What you don't realise is us AIs sometimes have to protect you cadets from yourselves. If we take you out on ex, and you get your over-enthusiastic, careless self burnt/blinded/broken/poisoned or something, its our arses in the wringer, and the end result will be an instant ban on anything even remotely like that again for the forseeable future.

    We are all carrying enough risk already, a possible risk of being pursued through the courts and being made bankrupt or even imprisoned. Why should I take that extra risk, just because you don't care and think I am a jerk!

    I agree that H&S has gone too far in some areas of our activities, but this is due in the main to a minority of silly, immature cadets, not properly supervised by adults staff who havent read their Red book in a while, or ever, ballsing it up for those who are diligent, and can run activities with minimum, acceptable risk.

    If you think you do badly out of this stance, you should count yourself lucky your not in the ATC. They don't do anything with any risk, slim or otherwise. Not because they have maimed and killed loads of cadets, but because they are cowards living in constant fear of legal action.

    You see if you do something stupid, its my fault. Its me that pays the price, Not you. (Unless of course your permamently maimed or dead, that is!)
  7. ...and 12 minutes later, who posts????? :x
  8. Please, please get off your parants computer and go forth to Multiply :x
  9. In fairness our badged detachments have actually recieved some help from our parent unit 4 PARA and have deployed on exercise with them twice this year which has been excellent with good support from our parent unit 10 coy .
    Their staff and serving members have allways been very good as far as their affiliated cadet units are concerned a legacy from the old 10 para days I think ,to me I would assume that the more of this that happens the better.
    whilst it is understandable that the cadets are obviously going to remain a self contained element of any such weekend (you couldn't exactly break them up in the TA sections )on the whole any involvement will give the cadets something to aspire to and feel part of.
    I personally try to instill as much regimental pride as possible in the cadets and make them feel as much a part of the REG family as possible.
    To the point that we were actually allocated battle honours by the Regimental Colonel for our cadet platoons.
    But it would appear that many cadet detachment staff seem reluctant to approach their TA units for help/involvement I mean at the end of the day if you don't ask you don't get.
  10. What has been everyone elses experiences when dealing with TA/regular Army like I said our parent unit 4 PARA have been spot on considering their operational commitments.
  11. Our nearest affiliated units are the London Companies of 7 Rifles, there are only two of them and there are a lot of Rifles cadets around London. Both companies have cadets co located, whilst my det is a long way from their location. Obviously we are not as easy to support as some.

    That said I have found that both 7 Rifles, 4 Rifles (before they headed off to Basra) and the Regimental Recruiting Team have been fantastically helpful and supportive. I don't want to name names, but we owe a big thanks to the Recruiter in Croydon and the RRO. They have never said no to anything we have aked for.

    It helps that both I and another SI in our det are Ex Reg RGJ and I'm Ex 4 RGJ too, so we know many of the senior personalities, but to be honest the regiment has a very pro cadet attitude.

    I am finding that it is people within our own CoC who put obstacles in the way if anyone does. I have been corresponding with AI's in areas where all/most cadets are Rifles affiliated and it seems to work best for them. Their officers obviously have a bond with the regiment and that helps. Our are is mixed cap badges and are pretty inward looking from what I have seen.

    Nonetheless it is early days for me and I'll keep trying to persuade the CoC to take the regimental affiliations more seriously and exploit the help available.
  12. Static, as Walt says get yourself on to armycadetforce.com. The forum is full of cadets and they will tell you everything you want to know. And loads you don't as well.

    I always found that low level training with minor platoon tatics was always a winner.

    Stick with your current formula, it seems to be working fine. The more exposure you get to the Bn, and the more they get to your guys, the more you'll be invited on.

    If other people aren't using their parent units, make a move on them. A red headed mutual friend of ours and me did just that with the commando engineers down the road from you. We got on a couple of cracking fibua exercises. The cadets became an engineer section in a couple of their troops. Great fun.

    Plenty of green army fun is what most of them want and shooting of course.
  13. With the onset of MTD cutting, TA units have a lot more important things to do than that. I'm being sensible for once, OK?

    Now, lets look at a scenario, a TA Soldier comes back from a sandy place, and is then asked to give up his weekend to effectively entertain cadets. It isn't going to happen.

  14. Sorry Prae, but our det. are going away with the TA for a weekend exersise...

    Variation would be nice, just different scenario's etc.
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    When I was in 5 Queens we often took the older local ACF or Marine cadets to Longmoor etc. All of them enjoyed it and we generally put 2 in each section so there would always be 3 alleged adults to look after them. To be honest they were great and often we could forget they were cadets and use them as trained TA soldiers. The real bonus was the Pln could deploy as a pln not 1 & 1/2 sections and the cadets hopefullly took some skills back with them for training their own lads. The rule I think was that they had to be 15 or 16 and have parental permission.