What would make you vote Lib Dem?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Jailorinummqasr, May 5, 2006.

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  1. Alway have - no need to change

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  2. Only when Hell freezes over - and Arrse run the country

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  3. When it loses its leftwing socialist leanings

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  4. When it moves to the Left and adopt Socail Democracy as ts model

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  5. When it becomes a Liberal and Nationalist party

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  6. Moves to centre of politics

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  7. When it clearly defines its policies

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  1. I have traditionally voted Lib Dem, but I am becuase rather confused about where the party is going?

    (Ming's comments last night about the what the party represented confused me (I had voted by then) as to what (and who) exactly the party represents.

    In light of the rather poor results from Local Elections, and shocking poll ratings on whether they would run the economy well. Where does the party go from here?

    I hope that it purges itself of its remaining SDP ideology (which has past its sell by date in light of New Labour reform to their party) and returns to traditional conservative (note the small 'c') Liberal values.

    But where should it go?

    Centre Left
    Centre Right
    Social Democratic
    English, Welsh, Scottish Nationalist with Liberal values.
  2. Center right, and preferably not pro EU (no chance). Big L small c and no bloody eu ;)
  3. Cash :lol:
  4. Once again, Arrsers have missed the important bit.

    The Lib Dems (indeed any party) should not try and find the 'popular ground' and then make policies to match. It should focus on making coherant policies which compliment each other. The ground will then become clear. Much the same way in which an organisation must determine strategy before working on the structure.

    Another issue is that the party does not have to occupy the same political position on different issues. For example I am very Authoritanianist on some issues and (Small l) liberal on others.
  5. Jailor, you may be aware of my desire for a centre-right stance for the party.

    I firmly believe it's time for the Liberal party to drop the 'Democrat' from it's title , and the god awful yellow house colours and 'peace dove'

    Failing that , perhaps it's time to launch a Liberal party that returns to the values of what it is that makes us 'British and proud of it'

    As much as it pains me.....

    10mm grouping there Stabby. Any LibDem supporter, activist or candidate will share my screaming frustration at the lack of coherent policy that comes out of Cowley Street.

    It's frustrating, because the very core traditional Liberal values, are what once upon a time made Great Britain , great.
  6. I vote for none of the above.

    I'll go back to voting Lib Dem when they get rid of Ming. Charlie had the right idea alcoholic or not. Ming has just tried to copy the other parties. Since he took over they seem to have come out of the limelight, no publicity or anything. They were finally becoming the third party. The latest scandal only showed that they are like every other party, willing to stab each other in the back to get a higher position and aren't listening to their voters.
  7. Jest,

    You know my feelings on this issue , and my broad agreement with your comments. CK may have been fond of a tipple , but he was popular with the electorate, and in fact gained massive sympathy over confronting his problem, in spite of the fact he was stabbed in the back by the knitting circle. He could always be relied on to arrive during any election to give his troops on the ground encouragement, local or general.

    Where the f**k was Ming?

    I am watching the party die by degrees here , it's like watching the last breath leave a dying person. Simon Hughes on Election Special last night just made me scream.

    Yet another bloody analyst (gigglysnort) that the party seems so fond of. All statistics and no concrete policy. It's time for year zero. Watch my tracer at conference Jest.

    Are you with me?
  8. Moves to centre of politics.
  9. What would make me vote Lib Dem? mmmmmmm Possibly terminal Syphilis
  10. go and see pentycnut then
  11. Thanks for these insightfull comments. Anymore Gems to share?

    Edited to add Warrior Poet's quote.
  12. All three parties are fighting for the centre ground. Whoever achieves the centre ground will be electable with, potentially, a reasonable mandate. But the effect of going for that ground sometimes abandons their core supporters. Labours shift to New Labour in the mid Nineties left many of the party faithful in traditional Labour areas, shall we say the industrial parts of the country, bemused to say the least. The same is happening with the Conservative Party as they move away from small c conservatives to try and recapture the Yuppie vote.

    The Liberals now have a choice. They can either say "We know we will never form a government but our policies are based on our unshakable principles. You will vote for us because although our policies are unpopular, perhaps even unworkable, you know they morally right." or they can say "It's time for Change it’s time for the LibDems." While accepting that most of that change must be within the party as they take off the cardigan and get into the ring.

    Somewhat stating the obvious but I think it answers the question.
  13. just stating my vote in the above poll stub-iffy, nothing more than that,
    sorry i'm ment to be working and i havnt time (or inclination) to type in a thesis for you on the lack of the lib dems strategy to come across as solid coherent party that could appeal to a majority of the voters.
  14. Shame the UK couldn't live up to it's own values and ideals .. Ireland and India may still like us if we had ;)

    It's not that surprising that the L_D cant keep a coherent mandate if half the party are left wing liberals whilst the other half are center / center right liberals, both sides presumably have to play off each other and give ground on issues to bring the otherside onboard.

    You could just vote for the liberal party if they're standing in your area, they were still around the last I looked for their website.
  15. ST2B, PtP,

    Surely they can only start formulating a coherent policy when they where you stand politically. The party has been schizophrenic (sic?) since it became the Lib Dem’s, it has prospered despite this.....thanks to sound leadership backed up by moral courage on a number of issues.

    With the new (old-age) leadership it is no longer punching above its weight. Sadly most the public don't like Blair or much of new Labour (but tolerate them while the economy is good). I think many see Cameron as another Blair (who has yet to knock seven bells out his party faithful). Which leaves me asking why are no longer hearing robust lucid arguments on any issue from Ming and his frontbench.

    The only way to resolve this as Blair can testify and Cameron will learn is choose where your party sits in the political spectrum and lead/bully/eject those who don't support these values.

    If I was not in uniform, I would be stood in the hall at the conference with a GPMG watching/waiting for PtP's tracer round. I will go green or blue (Green - Local and Euro and Blue - National) if the Lib Dem’s don't start giving me a clear Vision Statement.

    p.s. I was seriously considering re-joining the party again but opted not to because I not convinced the Orange Book elm is ready to fight for the soul of the party.