What would keep you in?

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by Moon_Monkey_Spunk, Feb 15, 2007.

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  1. I have recently been given the task to give a presentation on retention ideas that would keep our young soldiers from signing off at the first oppurtunity. The usual Pay/over Committed/Accom are too obviuos, I need fresh "Off the wall" Ideas that Senior Officers would never think of!
    Before the onslaught of abuse, I have interviewed all my troops and have taken Ideas from my Regt, I'm just looking at a bigger audience.
    Thanks for suitable ideas, Pse think outside the box!
  2. What unit are you on about ive got some ideas but all would only be suitable to the smarter soldier.
  3. Its not Unit based, the Army in general, why? is it just your unit that has smart soldiers?
  4. Removing some of the "treatment barriers". ie. Officers getting huge houses for just him and mrs, whilst a young tom struggles with the better part of a section in a two bedroom terrace.

    Ensuring that they are always valued, not employed on bone tasks that are carry overs from older days ie tidying up after the sgts mess function (from another thread).

    (not from personal experience just from my view)
  5. Blairs resignation and suicide might keep some people in... I'd might even rejoin!
  6. 1. Guarantee I'll never be platoon signaller again
    2. Guarantee I'll never have an FMT600 or drive a millitary vehicle again
    3. Pay all my expenses since leaving army including course & exam fees
    4. Guaranteed deployment on next Herrick tour
    5. On return guaranteed places on all promotional courses up to senior brecon, with immediate promotion on completion.
    6. Signed letter from the Queen allowing me to walk if any of the above is not fulfilled.

    If they do all that I'd snap their hands off and rejoin.

    Before I left the Platoon Commander in his wisdom attempted to keep me in by offering me a posting to the army youth team??? Cheers! He did write a good testimonial though.
  7. what would keep me in?

    A forcast of events that was stuck to.
    guard dutys that werent put up on the last day of the month.
    courses that were easier to get on.pref postings that seemed like there had been considered.
    company subs that actually went to something.
    being able to grow proper sidburns/hair length/ poss goaty.
  8. Sorry for jumping in on the junior;s thread, but how about this for an idea.

    All soldiers should be promoted every three years, unless the 1RO and the 2RO actively prevent this in CR's. This would ensure that all soldiers are permitted a full career range and do not have to worry so much about upsetting the boss. There should stiil be flexibility for particular astute soldiers to progress faster. This method would streamline promotion boards. It would also reassure the soldier as he/she does not have to put up with sometimes poorly written wishy washy CR's.

    Soldiers should also be allowed to wear their new rank on the day the board is published, just as officers do.

    This whole idea would aid retention and enable the CoC to deal with problem children more effectively as more time can be devoted to them.
  9. All good points. One reason i jacked after 12 years was the poor promotion system. Regardless of the 'O' grades I got I was still passed over. I was dammed if I was going to spend 22 years as a lance jack.
  10. Thats exactly what i was referring to you probably got O grades because the heirarchy know that is the first thing a soldier looks at and if its an A or an O (no porn pun intended) then they really don't read the write up,
    which is quite often pish i bet people with A's and B's got promoted above your O because they got a good write up.

    I was lucky and served on the same camp as a Div HQ and a WO1 taught me how to read a CR properly and what alot of the officer speak meant.

    comments such as forthright very much seen as negative, but if you questioned your 1RO he would pay it off as good, consequently if they liked you they would substitute forthright with robust.

    and who's seen the comment "in time will make a good sgt (etc)" and been happy thinking that is a firm recommendation for promotion - its not it means "do not promote this man yet"

    RLC officers appear to be the worst when it comes to writing poor CRs.

    As an aside Tank Transporter was the only driver trade that was worth anything, shame the feckers who binned it didn't understand anything about it.

  11. You better tell 16 Tank Transporter that there trade has been binned, I think the word downgraded suits, not binned. Dingerr your very Forthright! Or should I say Robust. :numberone:
  12. What would keep me in?

    Getting paid for all those days leave that I am unable to take due to op tours, exercises and other commitments.
    Surely I am not the only person who does not get all their leave squeezed into 12 months.!!!
  13. I'm staying in as I don't fancy getting a proper job :D

    Brew, I have had to carry over my full amount of leave (15 days) every year since 2002 (including this year as well) as I have not been able to take it due to various commitments.

    I think that in order to retain people, they should think about having some serious retentive bonuses. I got £3k at my 4 1/2 yr point and £2.5k at my 7 year point before tax-an absolute pittance when you think about it. They should increase these by a serious amount.
  14. Yes apologies, but the trade is not what it needs to be.

    Both quotes tend to appear in my CRs, which one tends to depend on if i have upset my 1RO that year.
  15. the same thing that has kept me in for ages...seeing my mates rejoin

    other things might include

    career options. we have an arrivals brief thats asks us if we want to be a yeoman/foreman or do we eventually want to be the razz man. a little more interest in the individuals career any aspirations a bit closer to home. one/two/three years in advance, next posting advice, (all my unit knowledge has been based on other lads posted in from that unit. or knows someone who has)

    being valued. often tought how to show respect during our career but treated like the base line idiot in most if not all situations.

    manning, a biggy from all accounts and the constant bitching on my msn its happening corps wide. mates in germany and uk arent content they have enough blokes to lighten the load already placed on them by constant ops and usual camp rotations.

    listening to the bods. at a certain place i know about 2 years ago people were begging to get out on tour but its the ones who didnt want to go who were sent, before anything is mentioned experience levels and NSNs were the same as well as trade groups and likeness of career profiling.
    same goes for postings, courses, career choices. an arrivals proforma isnt the be all and end all out of the few i have signed my options have changed considerably.

    getting the leave in, nuff said. iv got 20+ to take and have been physically unable to take it. i reckon i can squeeze in another 8 before apr 1st but its not the point!

    most toms quit after 3-4 years around the same time as thier new posting. god knows why

    actually doing our trade. spent alot of my time spannering and picking up the phone it was only when i was actually put on attachment to anyone else i was Tx and Rx on a fully working net. was a good feeling to be doing my job for once. i realise that the other jobs need to be done and due to manning time cannot be made for trade knowledge. i have witnessed alot of trade fade within the corps. myself included. it can lead to embarrasing situations.

    swings and roundabouts