What would keep you in?

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Moon_Monkey_Spunk, Feb 15, 2007.

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  1. I have recently been given the task to give a presentation on retention ideas that would keep our young soldiers from signing off at the first oppurtunity. The usual Pay/over Committed/Accom are too obviuos, I need fresh "Off the wall" Ideas that Senior Officers would never think of!
    Before the onslaught of abuse, I have interviewed all my troops and have taken Ideas from my Regt, I'm just looking at a bigger audience.
    Thanks for suitable ideas, Pse think outside the box!
  2. msr

    msr LE

  3. 1. Qualifications - How about real effort being put in to map service qualifications with civilian ones in order that people do not worry about employment when they do get out (avoiding dodgy universities like Lancaster).

    2. Pay - The shambles that is Pay 2000 still haunts us; a real effort at increasing our pay without bizarre high/low band nonsense that has embittered so many.

    3. Better career management that does not leave individuals suffering unneccessarily.

    4. Better accommodation - the use of self-help to paint and refurbish would be nice instead of QMs' being rendered powerless by the big contracts.

    5. Tax, Council and employment being waived for those on operations. The sheer lie they use about it being spent for the benefit of the soldier is pathetic.

    6. Honesty (and soon) over the 37 year career, which will stop short-term fixes being used that cause problems and result in promotion that is too fast or too slow or even non-existant.

    7. The procurement of decent kit or the ability for soldiers to claim genuine equipment against tax.

    I suspect you want quick fixes at unit level though...
  4. Thanks you both for the honest advice, The presentation is aimed at both Unit low level ideas and Army wide issues. Soldiers usually respond to their daily surrondings and basic needs, we all get excited during Tours about equipment but we soon forget when back in barracks!
    I was thinking about Corps posting as a Regiment rather than individuals, does this keep a more balanced family enviroment? If lads feel part of a team rather than part of a rotation will they respond better? does this help the Infantry? not too sure.
    Thanks for replies, I'm thinking as I type! As usual I've been givin a tight schedule to get this together.
  5. Don't want to play "state the obvious" but,

    How about bringing back the things we have lost through lack of manpower and an ever increasing workload. The little things in life like good and regular adventure training, not the voluntary stuff that is only applicable to enthusiasts. Some people just need a push.

    Sports afternoons where people actually play organised sport. More inter troop/Sqn/Coy physical competitions and the training that goes along with it.

    How about trialling a unit by basically pushing it back 20 years, by this I mean back to 8 man/4 man rooms. Young lads/lasses will slate me for that one but the comaraderie that is built during early years instills values for later service that never go away.

    Basically whatever it takes to make people feel part of a team and not an individual, probably not relevant to all but certainly the case in many Corps units.

    Theres more to come.
  6. 1. More companies that offer guaranteed job placements at higher levels for time served and military qualifications gained. At the moment it makes sense to leave the forces early and get on the ladder as soon as possible.

    2. Forced financial planning at entry level to build up your finances throughout your career and see it grow.

    3. Free annual share options, many large firms offer this, from the war profiteering companies.

    4. Wider ranging discounts for forces families and travel.

    Hope this helps.
  7. Someone please rearrange these words "NAIL HEAD HIT THE ON"!!! :thumright:
  8. Wouldn't be popular and probably impossible to implement but would be a fantastic idea! In fact IIRC they did this to us in Junior Bleaders, if they hadn't then I would of been penniless come leave.

    Maybe an in-service savings scheme where the MOD supplement it on an annual basis, maybe funded by current in-service bonuses. As the years go by the supplement increases etc.

    just a thought
  9. To ber fair all leaders should be doing the bold automatically. It should not need a Defence review to sort these out. As for the rooms issue that is down to the MOD who should be promote unit cohesiveness rather than the financially attractive hotel/one-room policy.
  10. 1. Better pay.
    2. Better accommodation - both SLA and MQs. The Defence Estate is in an awful condition and getting worse.
    3. Sport and adv trg - mostly now lost because of over-commitments.
    4. More stability. The whole organisation is trying to reinvent itself every 2-3 months, at the moment.
    5. Better health and dental care especially for families, who go to the bottom of the NHS lists immediately they arrive in a new location (which is criminal).
    6. I could keep going...

  11. How about a full career until you reach retirment age, instead of the drop kick issued at 22 years or 55 years old, when a second career just isn't going to happen.

    Oh and a decent compensation package, commensurate with the levels of responsibility etc that a soldier has.

    Just 2 for starters.
  12. I see your point but remember I'm aiming this at 22 Years olds that are getting out, the reason they get out is generally not because of compensation packages or a full career to 55. We need to think more short term solutions than overall issues.
    There's also no point in mentioning Pay/Accomm/Over commitment, thats too obvious.
    I believe as line managers we are spending to much time doing IIP, thats investing in paperwork, not people.
  13. mates.

    Look at how many young soldiers sign back on again after sometimes less than a year of being out. Many sign back up because the camaraderie (sic) when they were in is non existant outside.

    This applies more to inf/RAC, some attached arms over the years have commented on how they felt more part of the family when attached than at their own units.

    despite the low level of pay compared to civvie jobs (i.e. firemen- on their first job - cnuts), there are a lot of things included and if you don't have mortgages or external financial commitments, pay at end of month is closer to beer tokens.

    Standard of living
    IIRC the financial difference to the same standard of living in civvie strasse was equivalent to about 10K a year - i.e you needed an equivalent civvie salary 10k more than your army salary

  14. There's your answer. Absolutely spot on with the minor exception of adventurous training - I would like to see it made compulsory.
  15. Chaps,
    All top points, many thanks. Todays task is putting all the above info into LM format, as Officers prefer to red pen you to death rather than read what your trying to explain! (Another example of IIP, investing in paperwork).
    I'm of the opinion that Corps should follow the example of INF/RAC and stay together as a Regiment throughout your career, I know both systems have Pro's and Cons but I feel the "Family" ethos outways them all. What are your Idea's on this?