What would it take to bring down the UK Government?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ABrighter2006, Oct 11, 2006.

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  1. Over recent months, many stories have appeared in the media and been discussed on ARRSE, that many feel (quite rightly) very strongly about. Many of these stories have related to current military ops and for the ease of description, some fundamentally differing views with the electorate, to HMG.

    Having seen the government spin its way out of, and bury a number of bad news stories. Given that Tony Blair has stated that he will not see out this term, and calls for his immediate resignation have already been made, what do you think would finally tilt the balance?
  2. A general election
  3. The banning of alcohol in order to please their Islamic friends.
  4. Ah, I should have said - short of an election - but even that wouldn't guarantee it!
  5. A 2.5% rise in interest rates.
  6. I don't think HMG would the only ones to be brought down.
  7. A rise in the numbers of fascist scum
  8. agreed - and our economic picture seems to be one that HMG have played like a fiddle. Whilst I agree, to get a 2.5 increase in their' time left, would almost certainly be the result of something else happening.
  9. We could always ask Gen Sonthi Boonyaratglin. Does anyone speak Thai?
  10. A bit more sleeze on Bliar or senior member of the goverment the back benchers in thier own party have been baying for people to resign might just be whats needed to have a vote of no confidence (not that there is any from the public anyway)
  11. Ha ha - is he still recuperating in London?
    A rise in the numbers of fascist scum

    ? WHAT scum....?
  13. I don't understand......
  14. Sven wrote:

    A rise in the numbers of fascist scum

    Very astute Sven, every day thousands more facists enter our country raising the numbers. Of course you call them Muslims.

    This rise in their numbers will indeed lead to the overthrow of the left wing facists currently destroying our country.
  15. This is what kinda led me to post - I was scratching my head trying to think of any senior members that haven't been the red-tops favourite.

    I'm still waiting for the "Defence Spokesman found in bed with BAFF spokesman" story to get out. - Only joking Hackle!