What would have to change to get you back to the UK?

As a long-term expat I have pondered, for a couple of pico seconds a month, whether to return to the UK. I won't be for a number of reasons unless some things change. No, until a lot of things change. My requirements:

  1. The criminalisation of ('positive') discrimination;
  2. A tax system that does not punish more succesful people;
  3. A mindset that does not demonise knives, guns, alcohol, cigarettes, mustard colored corduroy trousers (although the jury's out on plum coloured 'cords' and suede patches on jacket elbows), but puts the onus on individuals to act responsibly.
I could go on.

What would have to change in the UK for you to move back there?

(And just to be 'inclusive', if you live in the UK, what's a showstopper for you?)
Having lived out of UK for nearly 3 years, and the occasional pang to return for a short stay usually cures my homesickness. To move back full time I concur with your points above, the culture of 'Britishness' must be returned, we currently pander to every Race, Religion and Gender except our OWN FFS.

We also need to be harder on politicians who swindle, steal and waste the tax payers money either for their own personal benefit or that of there friends and family it is a hypocritical abuse of the powers they bestowed upon themselves.

... the culture of 'Britishness' must be returned...

Agreed with that - every foreign country I have lived in takes pride in itself and its heritage. The village in which I now live has national flags everywhere with no sense of shame. British pride has a lot of lost ground to make up.
Been out of UK for 3 and a bit years now, If anything has to change it the PC brigade. Can't say this, can't do that, get a grip UK. I'll be back when you can once again be proud to be British.
the weather
People who throw litter onto the street should be soaked in kerosene and used to light the public throughfares at night.

Either that or the amount of money spent on street cleaning needs to be increased to compenstate for the filthy habits of the public.

First return to the UK for 5 years a while a go and I was gobsmacked at the sheer amount of crap in the streets.

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