what would happen ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by xblink, Sep 8, 2011.

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  1. What would happen if you said "f*c* you " to a corporal ?
  2. The ladies would fall over themselves to orally stimulate you.
  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Well know I believe you would be called a bitch and reported to a Sgt who would have been outraged and not your mate anymore.

    20 years ago your parents or next of kin would be invited to discuss whether or not they wanted your life support switched off.
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  4. If I did it? Nothing!
  5. surely that would depend on whether you were a Captain or such??
  6. **** all, I am one. I assume you're not and are weighing up whether you've got the bollocks to chops off at your section commander tomorrow because you think you're too special to area clean/have your room inspected/whatever else it is that makes whiny crow ***** whine these days?
  7. Really, really weak wind-up. 3/10. See me.
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  8. I got told to **** off recently by a Cpl and I'm a Staffy!
  9. You should have bitten him. Give the ****** rabies, that'll teach him...
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  10. I would have hoped that 15 agonising minutes later the rest of his crappy mates were asking - "Why do you look like you have kneecap imprints on the side of your head"?

    I remember head between the knees (Not yours by the way) and brace those kidneys!

  11. Dunno, but I did once tell an RAF plod Sgt to go f**k himself…

    …although some would say that was just being rude to a window licker rather than a grown up.

  12. That is putting 'jarrodesque' pictures in my head!!!!
  13. I am not going to selection tomorrow
  14. I gave him a hard two handed shove which knocked him to the floor then told him to stand up while I knocked his teeth out. He didn't stand up. Stripey took him for a yip yap round camp.
    He banged his tabs in to apologise and tell me he had bother at home which was why he was pissy.I gave him a 3 month bender and 4 weekend work parades.
    All over a haircut!

    All the above isn't as dramatic as it sounds. Do yourself a favour, don't tell your fullscrew to **** off. You may be killed.
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  15. I once queried the obvious ignorance of a Corporal in basic and got frog marched to the Flt Sgt's office to explain myself. I had to run round the car park with a 155mm shell casing full of concrete.

    I think the trick is NOT to point out their occasional ignorance during training, until you get killed in Helmand because you were badly trained.
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