What would happen if??????

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Its_a_troop!!, Sep 21, 2006.

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  1. Please give your thoughts on what would happen throughout the world if the pope was to be wounded or even killed by terrorists?
    or even dare i say it our beloved Queen God bless her!


  2. european countries would send a lot more troops eastwards
  3. OR European countries would talk lots whilst UK PLC carries out another exercise in overstretch and Poland says they'll play ball next year some time!!!
  4. Mr Noodles - have you ever considered a career in comedy?

    The actual process would be:

    a)grief and outrage
    b)posturing states at highest level
    c)state funeral f.b.more outrage and punditry
    d)less outrage more shuffling and sloping of shoulders
    e)posturing state reverts to normal, pair of tits back on the cover of the Sun
    f)five years on, a retrospective...
  5. UK PLC would sit on its hands and hope that it's only a passing faze. Yes there are 1.5 Billion Catholics in the world but the response would be to apologise for whatever comments upset the perpetrators. If it were the Queen then there would be retaliation in the UK until the police clamped down on any anti [insert perpetrator here] rhetoric or action then apologise for the delay in reacting and open itself up for compensation cases by the thousands.


  6. Dubya would immediatley blame Bin Laden and use the attack as an excuse for the U S of A to invade either Iran, Canada or possibly Finland.
  7. I think the Poles would dust off the Winged Hussars and re-enact the Battle of Vienna... They saved Europe from the Caliphate in 1683 at the gates of Vienna. The Bavarians might get a bit "mobilised" as well... :)

    On the other hand, the EU would probably get arssey about Human Rights infringements if there were to be any retaliation...
  8. The old bill would get the blame and be summoned before the HSE for not ensuring that ear defenders were issued to those un or fortunate enough to watch such a tragedy happen and then George Bush would invade the UK to recover all the oil the yanks could have made if both the pontiff and liz had survived.
  9. Steven Segal would don typical indian clobber. Head over there. Have a bar built then enter it. Have a fight with them be attacked by atleast five (With snooker balls in socks) and fill them all in.
  10. ...finger would hover of THE button.
  11. Im pretty sure the Italians and spainish would work them selves into a tiz over the death of the Pope, being his biggest fans (come to think of it, there might even be a drug fueled invasion of the middle east by South American gangs hell bent on Machiso revenge)

    As for Liz geting hit, stand by the burning and looting of Muslem buildings and shops. (the curry houses of course being left alone) even the pigs would have trouble stopping that, (some being ex-squaddies and therefore closet fans of liz)
  12. Unfortunately think Cuddles may have hit the nail on the head so to speak.

    What do you think would happen if we actually took out Osama?
  13. The Media would wheel out the usual mix of popular historians. They in turn would draw parallels with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. The Media would then scare to s**t out of everyone with selected footage of the 1914-18 match and preach about learning from the past.

    In the event; nothing of any value. This being particularly so if we couldn't actually pin it on to a particular State, as opposed to a loose group of dissidents. As a side show, though, it could initiate Uncle Enoch's "rivers of blood" prediction.
  14. But at what point does Steven Segal get involved. Come on help me out here... I'm watching a Segal Box set!!!
  15. Steven segal is a first class git!
    while we are in the realm of madness why not get the A team? if you can find them! somewere in los Angeles i think!