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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by machiavelli, Oct 17, 2006.

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  1. Watching Spooks last night there was a line that got me thinking.
    One character says to the other "we don't all support the Israeli methods like you " - or something to that effect. It was the reply that stimulated the old grey matter and this thread
    "Well if we had 7/7 attacks every week our methods might change" - apologies for my quoting skills.

    Well would they - if Mainland UK had bombings and suicide attacks every month would our methods change - would we be less pansy footed about the issues - would less people complain about Human rights and how it was unfair to have control orders for known terrorists because they were over 18 hours long each day.

    Or would we just endure the whole thing with typical Brit stoicism and resolve ?

    Opinions and thoughts on how it would be different ?
  2. If we had a 7/7 every week, I think you would find that our tolerance (Rapidly wearing thin anyway) would snap.

    I think we would have ethnic cleansing and civil war and it would lead to the destruction of Islam in Europe. (Every cloud has a silver lining I guess!)
  3. I think we would definitely come to the point were we would be engaged in a civil war.
  4. Don't be so sure!

    The appeasement brigade running our country would effectively lose what's left of their spine, capitulate to the enemy and we'd all be enroled into the happy clappy sessions at the local Mosque. Unlikely? mmm
  5. Here's a little exercise; draw a 10x10 grid on a sheet of white paper. Then colour in 4 of the squares. That's how many Muslims there are here. Not quite so scary now, eh? Then double it, and double it again. It looks like a lot, but still not a majority.

    There are a lot of mouthy Mujads out there, but they can do the sums as well as me. And a bombing every week would NOT bring us down to the mosque every Friday, and they know that too.
  6. What I find surprising is that none of our enemies have realised how fragile aspects of our society are. Thinking back to the fuel protests in 2000 and the resultant panic buying of water, tins of beans etc.
    It makes you wonder what would happen if terrorists killed a number of fuel truck drivers, shot up a few Tesco delivery trucks and blew up a few electricity substations. Imagine how long we would stay happy and compliant after a few weeks without electricity, fuel and instant access to whatever cheap food we want.

    Would that lead to civil war? I don't know. It's easy to think that the Blitz spirit has been completely dulled by vacuous reality TV, lack of exercise, political correctness and general moral and spiritual decline. I suppose we will only know if it happens whether the population will join Warrior Poet with the pitchforks and burning torches outside the mosque or not.
  7. But would we see tightening of already weak immmigration laws, running of Israeli style internment camps and the presence of troops on the streets to aid the police or

    Would we pursue a policy of appeasement and give seriuos consideration to Muslim Enclaves and the provision of local Sharia law.

    They maybe a minority and nowhere near the almost 50-50 split in israel but never underestimate the will of the politicians to stay in power and therefore not upset potential votes.
  8. how many times in history have we seen the "little Guy" triumph over the larger, we have done countless times!

    To induce mass panic is very easy, especially using the media as a catalyst . after all individuals are creative, intelligent, moral & loving, People however, are mindless, panicky and lawless.
  9. To be frank, at that level of disturbance I think they'd get a percentage of their demands at least in a very short space of time.
  10. Yep - why everyone's so scared of them is beyond me...a few unshaven bods run about and the Gov sets up a "community tension team"...we survived the IRA (who are suspiciously quiet at the mo...) bombing London every week (sometimes a bit too close for comfort!)...

    Bring it on, I say! We will not give in to this "pressure" - FFS, there are more dwarfs in the fcuking country than these lot...!
  11. We prefer Persons Of Restricted Growth, or PORGs rather than being called dwarves.

    We demand smaller chairs or we'll start a campaign of terror on tall people.

    When the the day comes, I'll be setting up my GPMG in it's tripod so no-one over 2'6" survives!

    Ankle Biters = Freedom Fighters!
  12. not much of a civil war possibly some "ethnic cleaninsing" pit filling :cry: theres more jedi in this country than muslims so a "race war /religous war" would only go one way :evil:
    troops on the streets of bradford trying to defend muslims from the chav army wanting "vengence" or just an excuse for a bit of murder and mayhem :x
  13. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Which is because these people lack direction and a coherent strategy. If there was a disciplined organisation with a clear-ish set of aims it would be much easier to counter and probably defeat them, but there isn't. The cells spring up independently and, if successful, tend to destroy themselves in the process. The big spectacular attacks don't achieve very much except a backlash against Muslim communities where they take place, and stiffening the resolve of the big powers to go after them in their hiding places. The groups have, so far, lacked the discipline and the technique to mount a long-lasting campaign against strategic targets: the 7/7 bombers target selection was fairly odd, to say the least.

    I have to say that if I was a regular tinfoil hat wearer, I would be thinking that Bush and Blair must be quietly praying for a big, spectacular attack by Muslim fundamentalists against Moscow or Paris (or preferably both) just now, together with evidence of Iranian involvement, with perhaps a couple of smaller ones in the UK and US...
  14. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

    Whilst I usually advocate afire and brimstone approach to most scenarios, a friend of mine has developed a more subtle form of attack. He secured the contract a while ago to do the roofing on a new mosque. Now, being a good half Irish catholic/half jewish Englishman (I guess he forgot to mention it in the proposal!) he quietly laboured away at his task. The roof is now complete and looks very impressive, even if it is on a building I would rather wasn't there.

    However, I doubt that the worshippers below know that there are 17 crucifixes and 7 Stars of David lying under the felt and tar over their heads! :twisted:
  15. More to the point, why are we even giving these thugs air time. Terroroism is far less effective if no-one knows about it. I understand freedom of speech but why do we allow the media to report such events to the extreme they do. It almost smacks of collaboration and helping the terrorists get the message out by portraying the stories so widely and so often. It helps there cause.

    After all the Gov did restict the airtime and methods of portrayal of the IRA cause but we still let these people get away, literally, with murder........