What would arrse pick to replace the Landrover?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Nuts_McAuliff, Sep 28, 2008.

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  1. Eagle IV


  3. a version of the Light Multirole Vehicle already in UK service as the Panther command and liaison ve

  4. G series UNIMOG (Mercedes)

  5. Sherpa (Renault)

  6. Copperhead (Thales).

  1. From Janes
    The options
    Eagle IV

    Duro IIIP

    Panther more of these means the CO isn't as likely to get shot. Common spares etc.

    G series UNIMOG
    (No image don't know if anyone can help)

    Sherpa Renault


    My Vote goes to the Bushmaster. No real reason but a large fleet could only be a good thing.
  2. Depends what role you want it for.

    All have their merits less that piece of crap DURO which has been used by EOD and binned.
  3. By G series unimog are you talking what they refer to as the ATF Dingo (???) or is there something new?
  4. It seams to be a straight replacement for the current fleet that are used for all sorts of roles.

    Gun puller
    And 101 others that don't come staight to mind
  5. Dingo is based on the UNIMOG but I think this is a commercial vehicle converted to military use.
  6. What's so bad about Duro?
  7. Pretty sure it was the aussie army ...........could be wrong ,usually wrong.

    I dont know why we went to panther has it got a v hull ?
    The aussies like the bushmaster afaik
    The mowag thing would get my vote may get bulk discount because of the fres thingy is theirs as well

    The bushmaster would be equally ok
  8. Certain sections of the press and the Australian government claim that the UK has bought 25 Bushmaster personnel carriers. The UK govt and the manufacturer refuse to comment.

    The Panther is allegedly fairly survivable, but suffers some faults in the utility role. With Bowman in there, there's only room for three guys (just) in the seats, going by the one I saw at the Tankfest in Bovington, and the back of the vehicle isn't armoured. There isn't a pronounced V-hull, but the structure above the wheels is designed to separate in the event of a mine strike (front and rear) in order to protect the safety cell where the normal seats are. Anyone sat in the back would get launched several hundred feet into the air and redistributed over a large radius.

    I doubt that General Dynamics would necessarily give a discount on the Eagle, and the design (detachable front and rear with a central safety cell) looks similar to the Panther.

    I am surprised that Supacat aren't offering anything.
  9. I would not touch the Bushmaster because it will mean that you have to have everything french on it. Thales bought ADI and they will never put anything other than their rubbish on it. Once they get their hands on your kit you can guarantee it will be expensive and made in france or anywhere other than UK.

    Not fond of them as a company at the moment. UK MOD have made some very strange decisions with regards to them. :twisted:
  10. The Duro is already In Service. It is known as the Citizen. (I don't know if it is the IIIP though)
  11. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

  12. None of the above.

    Tally wagons with Cabs - In my experience they're pretty robust and appear 5.56proof.
  13. No Austin Allegro??? tut tut
  14. Perhaps it's time to restart the development process from this:


    An Oxford Carrier (CT20). Apparently, the next in line was due to be the Cambridge Carrier FV401/FV402 which got as far as the prototype stage but was discontinued - can't find any pics unfortunately. I gather that it was the stage between the Oxford and the 432.

    Otherwise, the Polish Rosomak looks quite handy, though a bit big to be considered a Rover replacement.
  15. More than up to the task.