What would a Dalek say over Liverpool?

It's just a minor thing, but it's been bugging me for some time now. In an episode of Dr Who, the Daleks were doing a 3rd Shock Army impression over Germany to the cries of "Exterminieren!" ... maybe not the most appropiate translation, but good enough to get the point over.

It started me wondering what people would hear in different parts of the planet, so maybe "Exterminez! in France, "Korose!" in Japan,

But what about regional variations, "Extoiminate" over Brum, "Internecate!" over Oxbridge, "Ahaar! Exterminate, me hearties" in Penzance, but I'm having a little trouble determining what the Daleks would say over Liverpool.

Would it be "Extermeenf*ckinate!" or "Exf*ckintermeef*ckinate!"?

What would really have happened if the hybrid Dalek/Human experiment had worked? Would a Dalek invasion fleet have ever lifted off the planet, or would some Scouslek scally have left the mother ship stacked up on a pile of bricks? Would the Green and Orange Daleks fight each other on the Shankhill? What would the Pink Daleks have got up to?

Still, research has finally located the true origins of the Daleks: "the outward manifestation is a powerful, technically advanced travel machine in which a hideous and malevolent mutant resides". Seems like a pretty good description of this to me :twisted:
Ay! Ay! Ay! calm down calm down.... EXTERMINATE.... awwwww f*ck I just hit a schoolkid.

They most likely to say "Kill em lad"
or "burst him kidda "
"No Comment"
"Three fa nifty lad, good gear"


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I'll do you! I'll fcukin do you!
Why would they exterminate such an obvious ally and future slave? Come on mate, think it through first before you smoke that funny baccy. :D

Terry Nation created the Daleks, when fleshing out their backgroud he suffered from writers block, until he arrived at platform 7 Liverpool Lime street. The rest is history :toilet: :toilet:
They'd all have gone on strike the moment the scriptwriters wanted them to fly. Demarcation, see.


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So let me get this straight. The Daleks have an intergalactic battle group which can move through space and time? They are an advanced civilisation with a pan-universe foreign policy and an agenda. They can just do any lifeform that stands in their way and Davros has The Master Plan.

And they choose to visit Liverpool?

Give me a moment would you? I'm sure I can get my head round the concept.
It's likely that they'll have learned the laguage by intercepting television transmissions, so they'd be calling "118 118".

Or, if they've been intercepting text transmissions, "xtermin8, xtermin8"
They would'nt say anything; they'd be too busy still crying over all the Daleks killed in the Time War... :twisted:
Werewolf said:
They would'nt say anything; they'd be too busy still crying over all the Daleks killed in the Time War... :twisted:

Well someone has to keep the florists in business :wink:

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