What will you do this summer?


In a world that shrinks by the day, where air travel can whisk you from your home and safely deposit you anywhere on earth in a matter of hours, where going traveling has come to mean nothing more than a package holiday for middle-class teenagers and where you can buy a travel guide to the most remote of corners, what room is there for people who want some real adventure?

Gone are the days when you could walk off the edge of the map with nothing more than your wits and a pith helmet for protection. It is into this barren world that the ultimate solution has arrived: The Mongol Rally The mother of all adventures, the Mongol Rally is an 8000 mile dash across ¼ of the earth's surface in cars that most people consider underpowered for doing the shopping. We have no entourage of support vehicles, there is no carefully marked course, there are no professional drivers, fast cars, or even good cars. It's just you, your shite-mobile and thousands of miles of adventure. Not only do we provide the world's most extreme car challenge, you get to save the world at the same time. The Mongol rally is a charity event that raises money for an awesome charity with a slightly ridiculous name 'Send a Cow'.

And then from the FAQ section:

Is it safe?
No, not completely

What lovely tropical diseases can I collect?
This is NOT a comprehensive list so for real information contact your local travel clinic who can also tell what to do about minimising the risk, but here's a guide:

Meningacoccal meningitis
The plague

Do I need to be able to speak Russian?
What is very useful is if you have some idea of the Cyrillic alphabet. The road signs, if there are any, will not correspond very well with your maps if you don't.



Hmm, think I'd rather go to Baghdad as a security contractor - if you are going to do some dangerous stuff for your holiday, you might as well be paid highly for it! :D
Fcuk that, cornwall sound like more fun

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