What will the Spams think of next????


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Shiny kit and a gadget.

Want one.
"If it gets nasty,you can get down to business!"
although "Pretty Transformer-esque!" is my favorite quote

beware of anyone that looks like they have a videotape in their back pocket!

Daddy get the 'gator!!
These boys are a bit late with this one though, been done before by the Russians as the PP-90. Although they were only doing their common trick of 'reworking' someone else's design, namely Eugene Stoner's ARES FMG
Even if the weapon doesn't work, the torch has GOT to be better than our right angled torch!

Want one

I have to ask the question, if they're coming up with a compact weapon to 'walk the dog with', then what the hell are they using at present :eek:

And unfortunately in the UK we won't be able to get them as the government will be banning flashlights soon as they're dangerous.


I'll wait for it to come out on DVD...
Might I refer you all to Robocop II, teenage drug dealer attempts to 'off' a number of people with this very weapon, ok, the torch is new, but apart from that......

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