What will the RLC look like post SDSR?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by happy_as_a_hat, Sep 26, 2011.

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  1. I'm out of the Corps loop at the minute so if anything has been pushed out I probably didn't get it. E2 means easily forgotten methinks...

    SOinC has pushed out a letter to his Corps giving a rather candid SITREP on what's going on. Has DRLC done anything similar? Is there any plan to?

    I'm just wondering what the Corps will look like after the current round of ****-abouts? I know 8 is on the way out but what other units/HQs are for the chop?

    And will the measures taken be enough to negate/cover up the rumoured 34 DE Capt deficit..?
  2. Auld-Yin

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    Are you trying to say that the RLC will be slimmer post SDSR.................................:)
  3. You know the pause you get from hearing a mortar round being fired to the moment it impacts.........
    Oh, and sorry, about the 34 DE Capt deficit, might I suggest two possible options (pun intended)?
    One: the new structure will erase the deficit.
    Two: the new structure will not erase the deficit and, rather than forking out acting rank pay for a gaggle of starry-eyed Lts, a pallet of grizzled old WOs 1 and 2 will find themselves as SO4 boots and Socks.
  4. The Egg-ops and chunkies are going to take it in the nads. I saw a letter to the ration assassins which basically said that about 12% percent of them are out on their arse then finished up saying something along the lines of its not all bad news there are 30+ WO2s in the cooking trade. Which must have really cheered up those about to face the chop. There was also a bit about how the jobs that are currently not filled (mainly suppliers) are going to go (so less people will lose their job) however this was last year when it was rumoured 7000 in total are going now it 20000, I'd imagine its very different.

    I've seen a few DE Lt get their acting captain in Afghanistan, Its possible the changes to the non grad promotion 5 years to 3 will have an impact.
  5. Future of the RLC - Sodhexo, Aspire and UPS - on poorly negotiated contracts that actually cost twice the amount of the soldiers they replaced for half the service, but no oen will notice because the numbers come from different budgets and no one will be able to see the true cost ........ except the accountants for Sodhexo, Aspire and UPS.

    Soon people will forget what is was like before "the business" went commercial and the infantry will start to take on the RLC roles that the civies companies refuse to do on the basis that it is not in the contact ( i.e. not profitable).

    Infantry soldiers training will experience scope creep, so that the more dirty/ difficult/ commerically unattractive jobs formerly done by the RLC will be done by the PBI, but it's OK cos the Daily Mail / Telegraph want more bayonets and less enablers.

    RLC Officers will remain largely untouched and become "Project Managers", but spend most of their time working on their MBA, so that can get a job with Sodhexo, Aspire and UPS.

    We've been through this before.
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