What will the Germans do with JHQ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Outstanding, Nov 1, 2007.

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  1. So we leave JHQ and the airfield at Bruggen before 2014. What do you think Herman will do with these two areas.
    What about the Golf Course?
  2. As Herman is really quite clever he will probably use the golf course , as a golf course. :?
  3. Like what the americans did with one of their carrier's

  4. Elmpt will probably get flattened (apart from the Golf Course) and some of JHQ used as a barracks.

    Anyone with any sense would flatten the quarters.
  5. sell it to the dutch,, its not far ..
  6. Use it to prepare to invade Poland and France?
  7. Well I see the germans out with the map telescope thing quite alot around the Big House
  8. When the British Army left Napier Barracks, Dortmund in the early 90's the camp was left untouched (possible Brit reuse should Commie invade) but the Golf Course remained open and in use.

  9. Part of the camp was used by the Bundeswehr when I was there. Shared the NATO blocks and cookhouse with ARRC Sp Bn.
    Most of the facilities and buildings were old and decrepit though so will probably be turned into a housing estate like most others (the quarters were better than some I had in Germany which were sold off) some of the camps and quarters were used as refugee accomodation when they were closed in Moenchengladbach and Duss like in many parts of the country
  10. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

    for those who are really interested in ... atm there are several suggestions

    either the site will be restored to moorland - might even become a conservation area - or it will become a recreational park - or there might uprise a centre for renewable energy

    and you're right the quarters will get flattened
  11. Outstanding in JHQ thread.....FFS

    One trick pony or what..
  12. Aladdins Cave will move into the NAAFI Max so they can have a hyper store of everything from bog brushes to pepper spray and postcards to tazers.

    Echos will be known as Das Echos but they will keep the fun filled game of asking for your name but being unable to pronounce or spell it, even if it is something simple such as John or Bill.
  13. They are going to close Duss weeze (old Laarbruch) and open Elmpt as a new airport (apparently).
  14. That would actually make sense, its bigger and not such a pain in the tits to get to.

    I've had 2 speeding fines driving to Duss Weeze. The irony is I could have flown there on Ryanair for less than I've paid out for my heavy right foot.
  15. Heard that the big house could become a Hospital, its original wartime purpose?