What will the country be like in 10 years time?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by angular, Feb 12, 2009.

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  1. A number of conservative bloggers who I waste my time reading are chuntering on about the collapse of our democracy and a drift towards nationalism, the imminent/possible collapse of the EU, racial tensions ripping the north of England apart, brain-drain emigration reducing the UK skills base below sustainable levels, and lots of bad stuff.

    If we assume that there's isn't going to be any clmate change so we're not all swimming or living in Snowdonia, and that the British people are to sensible to have another civil war, what do you think the country will look like in 10 years time?

    I'm assuming that we'll get a Conservative government in the next 12-18 months, but I'm not sure that they have the nuts to make useful changes. We need a new constitution (or politicians who respect the one we've got), but will we just drift onwards?

    I'm just trying to imagine how the country will look when my boy's trying to decide between the Royal Anglians and the Royal Marines....
  2. The country has already gone down the plughole.Or is it just me. :?
  3. Can a virgin unfcuk herself? In which case the country will remain fcuked!
  4. There appears to be a surgical procedure that can "fix" the problem. So perhaps there may be something that can be done for the Country.

    I'm not holding my breath with current crew at the helm.
  5. With global warming East Anglia will be in the sea, so all that will be left will be the Marines
  6. 1970's communist russia. seperate car lanes for the politicians etc
  7. Like now, but worse.
  8. GGG, whilst I don't dispute that a hymen can be stapled back together, it's only a matter of time before some other person will come along and fcuk it again! The tories and labour have been on about boom and bust etc, I liken it to 'stitch and fcuk'. The tories stitch it up and labour ........well you catch my drift, the point is it's me and you that pay for the whole thing over and over and over again, no matter who's doing the ugly bumps! I honestly don't think there is anything left for Britain now, there is no way back and juncture we have reached doesn't offer much in the way of optimism. I have the privelage of serving outside of the UK and I don't intend on coming back. Hat's off to those that want to stay and try and make something of the UK. I will have done my bit and the government is stiffing me for it.

    Britain has reached a recession which is being billed as big and nasty, yet we see billions of pounds being invested in other countries and on projects that we don't need (and in some cases don't want) Some firkin eejit has just commisioned a 150 ft statue of a horse. The olympic project is likely to end billions over budget (to the benefit of an Australian builder) Britons are too workshy to take employment yet complain that immigrants do, The criminal justice system is skewed in favour of the criminal. Yesterday I saw a husband and wife get told that even though their children had been incorrectly taken away from them they would not get their kids back. etc etc etc etc Britain is fcuked and the principle stands that you can't get unfcuked regardless of the state of yer hymen. 10, 20 or 30 yrs time, it's still been DP'd by blair and a one eyed scottish idiot! And to top it all the country was brought to it's knees over an inch of snow. Great Britain? Mediocre at best.
  9. He f@cking right you know
  10. more old people

    more chavs

    more community support officers

    less armed service men/women

    less self respect
  11. As an Australian who's been to the UK and loved every second of it I want to speak out against the despair and pessimism you all have about the state of the country. I love the UK although I admit I don't live there and can't say much about the politics of your country. However, I want to speak a bit about the quality of your people. Every single British person (of which I've met perhaps 50 or 60) has been amazingly friendly and genuine. Maybe I'm talking out of my arse here but no matter how badly you feel for the state of your nation I feel that the quality of the British people will shine through in the end and make things right.

    my two worthless Australian cents... :(
  12. It's because we're British. It's in the genes.

    Musn't grumble etc., but it's all we really do.
  13. My bold

    But that why there will more droves of us invading your country soon watch this space.
  14. Well, Bailiffs can legally break into your house and restrain you do to their job, if they want, they can use the assistance of their fellow thugs. (now)

    When new legislation comes out on the 16th you can be arrested for taking a photograph that "could be used by terrorists" and imprisoned for ten years (in 4 days time)

    Every email and call will be stored so that police, the security services, health authorities and even town halls will have the right to access their 'communications' records. (last night, very quietly)

    We will have ID cards (probably within 5 years)

    Knowledge is power, and New Labour seem to want a lot of information on a lot of people.
  15. Try this

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