What will stop joshua bennetts offending?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Incubus_Imperator, Sep 6, 2013.

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  1. Either nail his feet to the floor or chop his bastard legs off, oh hands as well.
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  2. A spell on a remote Scottish rock or my new prison should I get elected, HMP St Georgia.
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  3. Maybe there is something to be said for Sharia Law. Chop his damn hands off!
  4. What's the wildlife down there done to deserve the little fucker.
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  5. A relaxing mutual masturbation session utilising body moisturiser, sensual kissing and moustache licking followed up with penetrative anal intercourse.
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  6. Now homeless as his family moved while he was in prison, classic!
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  7. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Does noone want to give him a 9mm injection behind his left ear?

    Standards are slipping!
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  8. Who gives a fuck...

    ..he didn't pinch my bike.
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  9. Shot whilst trying to escape. Save the taxpayer a fortune and the police hundreds of man hours dealing with this worthless little shit over the course of his miserable life.

    Or give him to Jarrod, who will no doubt find a use for him. Or Sluggy.
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  10. But what you all fail to understand is, he never hurt anyone, he is a lovely lad innit, a brave solja who the bill are just picking on instead of catching real criminals init.
  11. Ankle chains. They might not stop him nicking bikes but it'd be fun watching him trying to ride off on them.
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  12. Send him and his like to Africa to dig wells,drainage ditches, irrigation channels and if he's good he can progress as a labourer to help the NGO build schools out there, by the time he's done he'll appreciate his own country.
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  13. ...and give him a bike to get around on. Or let him nick one off the locals. Who, I'm sure, would be very understanding about his thieving little ways.
  14. If I was given free reign of the abortion that is today's UK I'd have a 'Three strikes and you're out' policy. If you can't learn your lesson third time around you're never going to learn. To that end you'd be simply shot.

    Anyone who thinks the UK wouldn't be better off without repeat offenders should also be shot.
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