What will SDSR mean to the RAMC?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Mountain_Boy, Aug 2, 2010.

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  1. I met up with a few old colleagues recently and much of the chat revolved around the SDSR and what may transpire for the Corps. The general consencus was that we are not in bad shape but we will still take some hits. As always the rumours and conjecture are all us old timers have, but would be grateful for informed input as to what is in store for the Corps..
  2. Having being RAMC for 31 years and still going ( x reg and a proud STAB of 26 years ) - the TA CMT is slowly being strangled, Clinical Governance is crippling us, the loons that run us can never figure out that a good CMT can be utilised in any situation or department-will help run that dept and let the more educated get on with their jobs while we do the background work-I know I would and have done it........we're off to gan in a short while and the pre-comp file is a messy joke, all the grey mafia I know say it's a waste of time but it keeps some shiney arses in a job.......when we go to war with another country the bods at the top will sit and scatch their heads and wonder who is gonna put all them 18 x 24s up.............................................
  3. I don't want to get into a protracted argument about the job of a CMT but your last remark, however tongue in cheek makes my blood boil. I appreciate that in peacetime (including peacetime locations in times of war) clinical governance severely limits the effectiveness of more than one trade, if not all trades. In times of war most trades will overstep their remit because necessity will dictate they do so. A CMT is a medical jack-of-all-trades who in competent to operate in many disciplines and on their own as well. In fact, the CMT is probably better placed to replace certain, more formally qualified, disciplines much as the Care Assistant replaced the State Enrolled Nurse and most of the manually based work of the RN. If history has taught us anything it's the disastrous effect on morale that a depleted AMS has on the rest of the Army. How much longer will Help4Heroes continue to feel disposed to bale out the Government and allow it to abdicate its responsibilities if further cuts are made to the Defence Medical Budget?
  4. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Atleast it wont close any more BMH's.
  5. That must piss Lillywhite off.
  6. And all he needed was one more BMH to get his knighthood!
  7. soz Markintime-that last remark was tongue in cheek but was saying yeah we'll put yer tents up, sort all the crap out, get the hospital up and running, sort some brews out etc while the non CMTs look and admire us old farts for doing it all- I speak from experience peace and on ops......-I just think that the CMT is far, far underated and there should be more of us - wont go into too much detail but on my last Herrick the Theatres and wards would not have run too well without TA CMTs being placed in there-non clinical as well and they did a blinding job.....if you get a CMT in who can think and take things in you've cracked it.........soz for any missunderstanding - PS if ya blood is boiling have a nice cold beer-Moggly- proud CMT from 1979 - (was MA up to 84 ) to whenever they kick me out even though I have to rebadge to QA to stay in
  8. do we remember when hca,s were going to replace cmt,s ???
    did it happen ?
    did it bollocks !!!!!!!!!
    we, the great cmt, back bone, of the r.a.m.c, have over the years been much looked down upon, the great un washed,,,,,,,

    however, we the few, have allways helped others, with little help from the masters on high. do we, ''the cmt'' moan ? no we dont, we do the job, HELP OTHERS........
    change/ its in the post..........
    ams, r.a.m.c ,,,,, we will stay be around, doing our bit, helping others,
    taking the stick
    but proud to serve
    helping YOU
    waiting for the next task
  9. Really ? Mopping the floors for us more qualified shiney arses. Or taking the bins out...lol
  10. thats rite, we mop the floors and as for taking the bins out , sounds like you need a forearm smash in the chops, tits like you destroy the little moral the corps has..... ******
  11. did you not notice the 'lol' in his post?
  12. no sadly i was to busy nutting the key boared...................... oops
  13. Maybe they did mop floors but I know they did loads more, obviously I ain't saying what due to clinical governance and if they weren't there there would have been problems-ie take experienced bods from other depts leaving them short ( and having to utilise the great CMT in their place )- we know we can do the job shame the educated can't see it........................
  14. We may be the great unwashed, laugh at us all you want but if you're treating a patient then it's down to his being stabilised by a CMT and cas evaced to you. I never considered myself something special but I still go to sleep looking at the faces of the guys I feel I could have done something more for, the guys who died in the chain before they ever reached the great and the gifted, kept alive by sods mutts; so be it. I didn't do it for you, or even for me, I did it for them.

    Moggly - I think we both sing off the same hymn sheet - I didn't get paid a fortune for qualifications that set me above others, I just was made to feel a giant by the guy who came up and said "It's him, I owe my life to this guy"!
  15. I'll bet you posted that with a straight face. Did this occur after you performed the naked Heimlich on him as he choked on your mukker's chipolata?