What will replace the Wolf L/R in Service?

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Not sure if this has been asked before... What are they planning to replace the Wolf in service with?

In know Panther will cover some tasks and Jackel is cutting into the Wimk's role, but the old soft tops and FFR's what will replace them..heard a while ago the G wagon was on the cards..but not heard that for a while.

The strange thing is the Iveco M30E18WM (LUV) called the"Massif" is clearly based on the Santana PS-10 which is a copy of the Land rover and is selling well... :roll:

anyone know?


The Vixen will replace the Snatch mk2's but what will replace the TUM's we all use just now...?
Don't expect the Wolf to disappear. It is still a very good vehicle in its own right and we'll be seeing it for many years to come. Thankfully we're now getting decent kit rather than having to modify the Landy in some sort of bastardised role.


I for one dont want it to go....have even seen some Defender TUM non wolfs rebuilt....:)
Toyota Hilux Is where the smart money would be spent.

From Taliban to Top Gear the worlds best in their field have tested it so you know its good :D
Isn't this what the OUVS programme is meant to be sorting out? or is that slightly larger?

As the OUVS (whatever they will be) enters service, the TUM(HS) & TUL(HS) will filter down to the T.A.
However, the Army are receiving new trucks, yet my humble T.A. unit have had to supply the guards and the paras with Bedford MJ's and an LR90GS ?

In light of Cyclops and his attitude to defence in general I would expect the Army to receive the Suzuki Jimny ! :roll:


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arfah said:
In light of Cyclops and his attitude to defence in general I would expect the Army to receive the Suzuki Jimny ! :roll:
It's already being trialled by the paras.


What will replace the Wolf L/R in Service?

An automatic Land Rover Wolf.....maybe!
wilkie said:
well haveing just watched top gear, it looks like the new ford fiesta will be the new vehicle of choice lol
:D I must admit I had a massive grin on my face at the shopping centre. Never mind when Roll mat owner starts blatting off out the window.

One can always rely on Top Gear!
<spotter> The RollMats did use the Citroen 2CV for a year or two, so you never know...... </spotter>
There used to be a time when the only vehicles that could be lifted by the Sikorsky helo then in-service withe the french navy were Citroen 2 Cv...so in the 60s we had 2 Cv pick-up armed with 20 mm MG151 cannons and others with RCL 75 mm cannons ! They were used as support vehicles for Naval Commandos...
Yeah... And they also had ACMAT manufactured Vespas with 106(?)mm RRs fitted....

I'd go back on the runs if I could get my hands on one of those.

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