What will put Arrse on its arse?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by gobbyidiot, Feb 11, 2010.

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  1. There's a recent thread about "is arrse dying"? A more interesting question - what kills every internet bulletin board?


    1) Its defenders.

    2) Those who don't understand the nature of the forum.

    Every bulletin board attracts a cohort who imagine themselves to be defenders of the flame. Rather than address anything substantive they wish to police the board, preventing anything they consider "misleading" or self-aggrandising. Subconsciously they imagine their internet presence to be imbued with the authority of their real presence. They don't understand that a keyboard has limited potential: all you can do is hit the keys in sequence. Things (then) either make sense or they don't, they are either funny or they aren't.........

    Nothing can be said "with authority", because i) plain vanilla "trust me" authority can't be established, ii) authorities of equal experience differ, and iii) people demand to see the sense of arguments to their own satisfaction - they won't "take it from an expert".

    So the crucial point about any internet post is it should aim to be coherent and it should address itself to the substance of other posts, not the presumed qualities of the other posters. Often brains trump "experience" because there are plenty of total f*cking idiots with (it might seem) massive experience who have failed to learn anything throughout that experience, or what they have learned they can't express. A good point, though, is a good point, regardless of who said it.

    There are really only two groups of people who really matter on arrse. i) Those who provide readable content, and are capable of responding in a manner that does not cause other people to disengage, and ii) those who click on the sponsored links and buy stuff.

    Anyway, doubtless many of you will be glad to hear that this is my last post: disengagement is the only response once the praetorian guard have taken over.

    But (and it is only opinion :lol: ) it is this "guard" who will kill the whole thing.
  2. :clap: Nice Flounce. Don't let the door batter your arse on the way out.
  3. meridian

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  4. That was the most erudite and eloquent admission to being a dull hom that I have ever read be careful H&S don’t spot you stamping you feet on your considerable pedestal.
  5. but Prae hasn't posted for months!!!
  6. No one who has read the arrse 1940 thread can say that arrse is in anything but rude health. It is going to rival both "Bill Oddie" and "Course Sterotypes" as an outstanding thread.
  7. Sixty

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    Ignore him, Trotsky. The_Duke gave the original poster a bit of mild mocking on another thread and so he's decided to take his ball home.

    Bugger, missed him.
  9. My bold. What are you going on about?

    (You have) lots of words, nothing to say.

  10. The_Duke

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    You see, it is clarity of posting like this from gobbyidiot that is missing from Arrse. All about the topic, nothing about the poster, open to free discussion without having an entrenched, pre-determined position - dude. :D
  11. I bet it isn't his last post. Serendipity doesn't work like that.
  12. im not the brightest spark out there but by gosh i have no idea what you are babbling about. you come across as a silly sloppy sluggish sloth slamming slabs on slack.

    and let that be a lesson to you, run along
  13. and you can fuck off too - nig :police: