what will i be asked at the army careers interview

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by paras, Oct 30, 2007.

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  1. hi ive got an army interview at the carrers office on Friday and i need to know what type of question they will ask me at the interview.

    im joining the paras if that helps.
  2. There's one question they always ask...let me think...something about (er, hang on) why do you want...to..... do something...no, it's gone...can't think.
  3. It will probably be an open ended question, usually starting with an interrogative (why, how, who what, when etc.), rarely will they use a rhetorical question because that would be pointless!

    What do you think they might ask you..........Who built the clifton suspension bridge!

    You fcuking baloon :x
  4. Normally it's what music are you into? How low do you wear your jeans? How many tricks can you do on a skateboard? That sort of thing. If they ask you if you are a practising homosexual, answer yes, this will get you fast tracked.
  5. And in your case, they'll probably do an advanced IQ test.
  6. So therefore...If when asked, why do you want to join the Army, you reply "Isabard Kingdom Brunel" you'll be straight in.

    All make sense so far?
  7. All the usual ones I imagine:

    Have you got any sisters?
    What's your mum up to these days? Got any pictures? Does your dad work nights?
  8. There is a set interview form which the recruiter uses, basically you will be asked about your past life (Schooling, work history etc) Your family / welfare circumstances, any previous military experience and so on.

    Remember it is a job interview, turn up early, turn up smart and be polite and confident in your manner. The recruiter is not trying to trip you up but is trying to make an assessment on your potential.

    Remember the nature of the job you are applying for, you are going to train for war, you are going to go to war.

    May I recommend that you ask the recruiter if you can serve in 3 Para Mortar Platoon, a young lad like you would be VERY popular there.
  9. If you do volunteer for the mortars you may be required to carry out the HOOP test although I believe they may leave that until you've successfully passed the initial interview.
  10. Don't worry about the hoop test, it is only there to ensure your reflex seal is functioning correctly. :twisted:
  11. kool ive got my interview thursday and im goin for paras aswel! :p

  12. Was it Bernie Clifton ?
  13. When you say that you want to join the army, the recruiter will ask if you have a criminal record.

    You should reply;

    "Why, do I need one?"

    Its a good way to break the ice and will set you in good stead for the rest of the interview.
  14. that would be brunel!!!!!!!!!!! :p

    btw i dint even know the clifton suspension bridge was that famous enless u live in bristol. :D

  15. Your command of the english language will certainly get you in the para's. !!!!!!! :frustrated: :headbang: