What will I actually do in the TA?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by JayCam, May 7, 2007.

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  1. Well I am aware that after completing phase 1 I will be required to attend the local TA center for a centrain number of days.. but what will I actually do on those days?

  2. Stuff.
  3. Additional training to your particular units' requirements.
  4. It depends on what regiment your unit is, some parade nights will be preparation for the weekend some will be lectures in the classroom, sometimes you will need to maintain your equipment and sometimes you will get pt,( some units do this 2 times a month) Weekends will either be training or matts or exercises
  5. Ha so funny, I like the way MATTs isn't training or exercises
  6. Not very much the army is broke! no cash no training unless you called up! its the army on the very cheapest level :x
  7. get pished
  8. I sympathise with people with this attitude, in fact we all have very different experiences. Some people may get screwed worse than others - it just happens.

    However, the key point to note here is the famous saying "Improvise, adapt, overcome", whatever the issue!

    Meanwhile, back to the point.

    Drill nights consist (for me) of PT (which takes many forms, some of a fun teamwork nature), weapons handling, lectures on map reading, fire control orders, battlefield casualty drills, MATTs (including videos), then fun stuff like Vehicle Check Point drills, patrol drills, room clearing, and other stuff I can't remember.

    Oh, and go out on the lash (sometimes paid :D ).
  9. msr

    msr LE

    On a Drill Night?


  10. well mate up until the point i left (after 2 and a half years). i found myself doing lots of guard(the record was 8 ta weekend on the trot) pan bashing on the recruits weekends. stage fire picket. and in that time 3 very good platoon attacks and the rest of the time getting crap.

    although as crap as i make it sound since i left i have missed it and i do wish to rejoin but i think i will give it a little while yet
  11. You're in the wrong unit, mate.
  12. Thanks all very helpfull.

  13. If you are in the TA Infantry either (a) train and prepare to go on operations in Afghanistan or Iraq or (b) think of reasons for your TA mates why you aren't available to go with them.
  14. Very true
  15. I think Nutter was in the TA 20 years ago. Last time I did guard was in 2001 and that was because I was the only SNCO that knew how to do the job