What will happen to Expats post Brexit ?

A good mate and colleague of mine offed himself a couple of years ago.

Came as a complete shock, as he was always the funniest, switched on and sparking man I knew.

I just couldn't go to his funeral and have to look his pregnant wife and young daughter in the eye, which still vexes me to this day.
Guy I worked with topped himself
We were going through very similar issues ex missus being C*** over access to kids, he like me was getting down - but then seemed to perk up.

The last words he said to me were on (what would be) his last day - were dont let it get you down - you can always get through it - following day he wasn't in work - proper job of it - no cry for help he meant it.

I said but he seemed positive the last few weeks - he was looking good, apparently people often cheer up when they've made the decision -as they can see an end.
We went to the funeral - I think all of us felt guilty for not spotting the signs though and so avoided the family.

A couple of years later lost my (younger) sister the same way - didn't see that coming either.

Random though this may seem the general thrust is dont beat yourself up for not spotting the signs - nobody ever does (except with 2020 hindsight
I'm divided with my views over suicide 'victims'. As far as I'm concerned, I have literally no compassion for the suicide knobs that do the deed but I share the devastation that the loved ones left behind feel. How can they kill themselves and leave behind people that cared for them! cnuts!
I have come across that viewpoint before, in fact it was the immediate reaction of one or two in our case, which I think was actually a reaction to the shock- it's more anger. The paradox is the devastation to the immediate family I can grasp but I don't know them. All I know was that the person who took her own life was actively being courted on station which made the effect on station worse. All I know was I hadn't the guts to do it on the odd occasion I felt that way.

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