What will happen to DPM?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by LordVonHarley, Apr 25, 2010.

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  1. I was sat in Starbucks this afternoon and a lentil munching student type was swanning about in issue DPM trouser and I got thinking about what is going to happen to all the DPM stock once MTP gets rolled out to everyone.
    Will the MoD flog it off to the Dutch or some second world army or will there be a global explosion in "BritMil Chic" with the must have handbag being an S10 haversack?

    Will it be gifted to the Cadets?
    1 Bergen = a blowjob of a spotty 16 year old.

    Will we see some flip flop wearing Somali rebel on the 9 o'clock news pleased as punch with AK mags crammed into his "new" DPM webbing?
  2. Well, the Dr. Who wardrobe seems to be overflowing with bits of desert DPM kit, assault vests and helmet covers, so it'll probably be sold off to whoever wants it. Or just destroyed.
  3. The same thing as happened to BD and OG flogged off to the third world and your local AS Shop
  4. What happened with kit when they ousted the previous stuff in (i want to say) the 60's?

    I would have thought it would remain in general circulation for the time being but not be maintained.
  5. As an archaeology student I wore a shedload of DPM kit (and was never called a walt in my 6' hole scraping at skelingtons). Five years later I handed out a bootload of the stuff when I was digging up the Roman Villa at Beach's Barn on SPTA with Time Team as part of the token Army presence.

    I imagine DPM will do a sterling job for builders, students, archaeologists, etc for many years to come. Unless it's the early issue of CS95 in which case it won't last 5 minutes... :oops:
  6. I'm sure i read somewhere that desert DPM will be retained (although this might just be until pecoc is fully rolled out???), For areas which are purely desert, would green DPM be retained for jungle use?
  7. It will be held in a cupboard for 10 years, until it is pulled out and used in the field as "ally" and old school.Eagerly telling sprogs how DPM is "much better/warmer/comfier than this new shit"
  8. We gladly take it over from you lot, for a very soft price of course,as we Dutch are always in for a bargain :p
    We really fancy some of your ripstop kit (smocks etc.) !
  9. I havn't seen the price list recently but I'm sure 95 trousers and shirt cost the army about 7quid (for both), Not much to write off. Im not sure what they will do with Bergans and webbing, Probably put them on E-Bay as used by the Paras/SAS/Commandos.
  10. Oh no whats going to happen to the Para Smock??
  11. Folded neatly, wrapped in plastic and stored in the loft along with 3 old para lids. There they will stay for the forseeable future where I'll sell them for a fortune.

    By 'Para Smock' I mean the proper ones, not the dogshite Paki imitations with the 18" nylon cuffs.
  12. Denison's? :D
  13. One is, although I sadly wasn't issued it as I'm still a virile young hunk of a man. The other one is an old school 80's early 90 issue (to me) and still pristine. I'm sitting on a windfall.
  14. Have they said what kit will actually be changing? I.e. clothing / webbing / i've ran out of other things but you get the idea.

    I've seen footage of guys in desert kit wearing green issue plce on operation. Not knowing, I always assumed that either desert stuff in these cases didn't exist, wasn't issued or on order. From what I understand of the way things happen any given day, kit is likely to be issued as "needed". This leads me to think that some current DPM will be around for a while after it is phased out.
  15. I'm only the student type myself and so lack any real knowledge in the area but I was always under the impression that MTP was only for service in Afghan and that DPM was to be retained in all other temperate areas?