What will happen if the Britain becomes a Dictatorship?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by LordVonHarley, Jun 26, 2007.

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  1. On ARRSE there have been many threads on our country becoming a Dictatorship, but what would happen if it did? Having watched Knights of God it got me thinking.

    Would Uncle Gord have to create an SS style force to counter us (or just dispand the Armed Forces and start a fresh), would he introduce a new Policing Force that would have higher jurisdiction than the boys in blue?
    Would he have Secret Police dragging off people onto the Yorkshire moors never to be seen again?

    People of Arrse, UK under a Dictatorship, your thoughts please.
  2. Well, I guess we would lose the right to vote?
  3. And we would probably have to grow lots of cabbages, like Tito mad his subjects do in Yugoslavia.
  4. Well its certainly not a democracy right now thats for sure..
  5. we could kiss goodbye to Tottenham Hotspur and Jewellers all over the country,

    and maybe start of with burning anything in Jiddish or Hebrew
  6. I bet the pubs would have to shut dead early, like 11pm or something.
  7. Would the Queen lose her job?
  8. I can just see the spin, Uncle Gord say "The Cabbage diet is for winners!!!!"

    At least all the fat munters will get slim :D
  9. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Unless it was a Jewish dictatorship!

    Why the immediate assumption that a regime change would produce a National Socialist rule? Why not a ...oh, for instance, a Methodist dictatorship, or a Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered one?
  10. Not necessarily just selecting an easy group to pick on that others will be happy to see picked on, abused and maltreated even if they are decent law abiding people.
  11. Would i have to become a lesbian then?
    The only small problem with a Gay/lesbian dictatorship the population would eventually dwindle!
  12. An SS style force would cost too much, so I don't see him doing that. His style is more like taking personal command of the Army, running each unit himself and appointing minions to key posts.

    As for the Policing Force, SOCA has been very actively em-Borging other organisations - rumour control has it SFO is next to be assimilated. If you can argue fraud is the same as people-trafficking, pretty much everything else can go the same way.

    Given that the key criterion of a dictatorship is that all decisions stem from one absolute leader, Britain isn't that far from effectively being one already.
  13. Uncle Gord would slim down a bit, unless he keeps the all the cow's for himself
  14. Can I suggest a cull of all the idle twats that have been on the dole (without a strong medical reason - not the usual skiving bad back bollocks - I have one of those and it in no way prevents me from sitting at a desk) for more than six months.

    All peados executed so what if some are innocent, better to be safe then sorry!
  15. I bet smoking would get the bum's rush.