What will a RLC Supplier be doing on Ops?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by thatboysteven, Oct 11, 2010.

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  1. Can anyone tell me what an RLC Supplier can expect to be doing on Ops and what the chances of going on patrol are?
  2. Depends what job your doing and where your based really, If you wish to volunteer to go outside the wire then I suppose its possible, but your job is essential to provide the correct equipment to the troops on the ground
  3. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Wah alert on.

    Managing stocks and supply. Receiving, accounting, storing and then issuing kit, ammo, combat supplies etc.

    Chances of going on patrol - not high.
  4. It depends on where you are based and what rank you are.

    If you are part of an LST you can go on foot patrol, but its normally nothing serious just walking from one CP to another on a cleared route with an infantry section.
  5. Cheers guys, see I wanna go on patrol but not as infantry, more, combat/ combat support if that makes sense?
  6. Its highly unlikly that you will ever go out to support the infantry, while you are a supplier.
  7. A cleared route in Afghanistan! Thats something you encounter every day............Not

    Still this is a rumour site and sounds like youve heard a good one there
  8. It was something I encountered, the infantry ensured it was cleared before I got to walk down it.
  9. 1) Stacking bullets (and possibly blankets), 2)Practically F all
  10. Don't listen to this lot, you are a valued asset to the war effort and you will be on patrol every day.

    Your AOR will be from the stores shed to EFI and the badlands around the Accn, the patrol will mainly comprise of picking up fag butts!
  11. Yeah mate it's an important role. You will primarily be involved in close logistic support with such duties as:

    Digging Graves
    Stacking Blankets
    Washing bottles
    Digging ditches
    Counting ammunition
    Counting fuel
    Counting blankets
    Driving a fork lift truck
    Standing behind a counter full of stores shouting: "Dues out, stores is for storing, issues is for issues and they're closed!"
    Wrting letters to Soldier magazine complaining about LOA, Married Quarters etc
    Counting Blankets

    It's a great life - live the dream!
  12. Sleeping!! By all accounts the present lot on HERRICK is that they have no time for sleeping, too busy!
  13. My bold - Do we still have blankets or are they war reserve (the AADC must still have them on charge)? Or have we lost the skill of folding blankets? Is it still taught for those occasions when we may encounter a need? So many questions unanswered!!
  14. I have it on good authority (nearly every junior rank out there) that a lot of the work is being generated for no reason. Still, with SNCOs forgeting how old they are on PFTs, Someone claiming to be getting bullied by three different people all on seperate occasions and general other admin bollocks I surprised any work gets done.

    There is a general misunderstanding about stackers and blankets, the only person in a regiment who would have touched them would be a bedding storeman who is normally the same capbadge as the regiment he was dishing blankets out to. Nothing to with Suppliers, we are the ones robbing the stores blind and keeping Ebay in business.
  15. Supply Stuff maybee