what were you and what are you now

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by cherryhamblin, Aug 1, 2007.

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  1. Sorry to bore you I'am just intrested in the relationhip of employment in the army and after people leave wether you stuck with medical proffesion or moved on.

    CMT Army
    Ambulance service civillian
  2. Apprentice
    Nurse since 1981(NHS)
    In TA now
    Still doing it in Occ Health (NHS)
  3. Me ODP till 2005
    Then Locksmith for 18 months
    Now house husband its the way ahead
  4. Me
    Dental Tech before I joined
    Dental Nurse on joining
  5. Me
    ODP Army
    now following in the footsteps of my collegue the good Mr Bulldog and being a stay at home dad.
  6. Me
    RGN (NHS)
    RE FTR Gen
    hopefully pass P Coy then 16 CS
    Future- possibly oil rigs but never NHS
  7. Warehouse/Steelyard worker
    Civvy HCA
  8. Apprentice
    Lab tech
    Re-named Biomedical Scientist
    BMS in NHS & TA..........and feck me, if they didn't commission me too!!!! :twisted:
  9. MA/CMT
    Pharmaceutical sales
    NRPS (Spot the mistake?)
    Operational Management
  10. cmt 3 - then saw the light
    rn (a) - never looked back
  11. Infantry TA
    Dental Tech (Army)
    Aerospace sales
    Defence sales
  12. Recruit Div 1984
    CMT 13 years
    ODP to end of 22
    Still Serving :salut:
    Future :omfg:
  13. ato
    poor and bored
  14. civvie until 20
    QA RN(A)

    onwards and upwards
  15. Schoolboy
    Apprentice Tradesman Royal Signals 93
    Radio Telegraphist Royal signals 94-99
    Student Nurse 99-02 (Army DNC 9/99 with sluicedweller)
    General Nurse 02-03
    Theatre Nurse 03 - present.

    Kinda missing being in the R Sigs. Better pension prospects as a Dorris though.