what were you and what are you now

Sorry to bore you I'am just intrested in the relationhip of employment in the army and after people leave wether you stuck with medical proffesion or moved on.

CMT Army
Ambulance service civillian
Me ODP till 2005
Then Locksmith for 18 months
Now house husband its the way ahead
Dental Tech before I joined
Dental Nurse on joining
ODP Army
now following in the footsteps of my collegue the good Mr Bulldog and being a stay at home dad.
Lab tech
Re-named Biomedical Scientist
BMS in NHS & TA..........and feck me, if they didn't commission me too!!!! :twisted:
cmt 3 - then saw the light
rn (a) - never looked back
Recruit Div 1984
CMT 13 years
ODP to end of 22
Still Serving :salut:
Future :omfg:
Apprentice Tradesman Royal Signals 93
Radio Telegraphist Royal signals 94-99
Student Nurse 99-02 (Army DNC 9/99 with sluicedweller)
General Nurse 02-03
Theatre Nurse 03 - present.

Kinda missing being in the R Sigs. Better pension prospects as a Dorris though.
84 Lab Tech RAMC
96 Left RAMC became Prison Officer
97 Joined Police, still at it.
What was I? Young

What am I now? Considerably older
ENG 85
RGN 90
GU Med Tech 92 to 05
Finished my BSc Hons

NHS Snr GUM Charge Nurse 05 to 06
Now Snr GUM Nurse Practitioner
Commenced my MSc in Sept 06 (why put myself through this again)

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