what watch to get??

Hi guys,ive just started my recruit training for the TA RLC at Grantham.When i pass out im hoping to go into the seaman/navigator trade for a completley new challenge and bearing in mind this will involve swimming was wondering if any of you guys could advise me on what watch to use.I know that the cwc G10 is water proof to 50m but have seen posts that do not advise swimming with it.Any advice would be appreciated....thanks
Ignore advice on this subject from anyone in the AAC. If you take it your nickname thereafter in your chosen Corps will forever be 'PumpyWumpy' or 'Squidge'.
Recommend one of these bad boys:
The Nite MX20 watch range come finished in a gunmetal PVD and offers the best in strength and durability. Our MX20 features a solid stainless steel case which in turn incorporates a uni-directional bezel. The MX20 boasts a highly reliable Swiss made movement which comes with a 10 year lithium battery.

*Please Note All of our watches are from the new 2007 Range*

The Nite MX20 watch range features -

Diameter - 45mm

Depth - 13.35mm

Weight - 110 Grams (Polymer) 172 Grams (PVD Stainless Steel)

Dial Options - Black

Water Resistance - 200m / 660ft

Crystal - Sapphire

Movement - Ronda 715.Li.6

Battery - CR2016 10 Years

Strap Options - Polymer , Gunmetal Stainless Steel


£190 or there abouts
They were advertised in 'Soldier Mag' for around 215 when I brought mine, I went straight to the company, and with postage it was 175 (older version, only slightly changed)
Think it's around 200 squid, but money worth spending, it's fu**ing awesome and heavy duty, you would have trouble trying to break it!
You could go to your CQMS/SQMS and sign out a G10 for men, Only £30 if you want to lose it. :D
but why do you need to tell the time whilst swimming anyway?

As suggested above, just pop up for some air if you need to check what time your favourite chippy closes, and ask your loggie mates, if they are still poolside and not down the pub.
The Marathon TSAR is feckin awesome for military divers and other rough types. About £200
on a Zulu strap.
duffdike said:
The Marathon TSAR is feckin awesome for military divers and other rough types. About £200
on a Zulu strap.
The guys in the NAFFI said you liked the rough types :lol:
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