What was your worst beasting...?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dazk55, Jan 12, 2007.

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  1. This may have been done before (apologies is so..).

    What was the worst beasting / punishment you received:

    One of mine was 150 kneeling gun drills, naked, in the middle of Swinnerton Training Area in January 1983.

    Took ages to do 150.

    Any takers....
  2. "P"Company.
  3. Depot Para. All 6 months of it.
  4. The digger at Browning Bks.
  5. All Arms Commando Course.

  6. It was on pre-para when the QMSI`s wife beat him in the London marathon. So on the Monday he came in and took it out on us by beasting us in the gym all morning with seal crawls, burpees, Knees to chest on the pudding mats and all those other great character building exercises. Made me the man I am today.
  7. Marking time for 4 odd hours in front of Mr Smith, Deepcut 1990

    P coy was hard but for me a beasting is a single action or punishment..... I didn't even mind peeing into my waterbottle....... oh what joy HEHEHEHE
  8. up and down the concrete hill at pirbright about 2000000 times with 35lb bergan webbing and go bang. absolute killer
  9. Ahhh! Mr Smith.

    DS to recruit: "Double away to Mr Smith and tell him your a w@nker!"
    Recruit doubles there and back
    DS: "Didn't hear you, go and do it again"
    Recruit doubles down hill
    Recruit: "I'M A W@NKER!"
    Recruit doubes up hill.
    DS: "What did he say?"
    Recruit: "huh?"
    DS: "Away you go again then..."

    Oh what joy!
  10. Concrete hill, didnt that replace that bloody sand hill???

    That was a killer
  11. Had no choice. Log race on P Coy (because a few jacked and made it harder for the rest on our log)

    My choice. Jungfrau Marathon (good idea at the time).

    Punishment. Two year ERE to Woolwich after personality clash with BSM. :wink:
  12. Especially in no.2 dress drill order.

    Getting warmed up for two hours in the underground car park at wellington barracks after a troop rehersal went wrong was quite bad too. Done easier log runs.
  13. Close to the end of basic training: Running up and down Heartbreak on the trg area out the back of what used to be 8 Sigs in full Noddy kit for an hour. Felt more like 4 hours. Our Sect Cpl had just come from 5AB, so no prizes for guessing which section had to be out front :twisted: The only people not puking were the DS :roll:
  14. Running up and down the 3 storey spiral fire escape steps outside the guardroom of roberts bks in traz...until i threw up in the S10 I was wearing...that was my introduction to ROP's
  15. Whole block of lard pushed into my mouth with weapon above head in eighty degree heat running around and around as lard melted-puked and puked.
    All of us.