What was your initiation when you first got to your Regiment?



I turned up, got assigned to my Plt, moved into my room and then a few days later went on COs memoranda.


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Got to my unit at 20:30hrs, shown where my bedspace was and hit the bar. The rest is history.
In my bn, you got kicked in. If you took it in good humour and cracked on, you were alright. If you kicked up a fuss, you were marked as a **** forever.
I joined a Junior Leaders battalion. As we were all brand new Crows my 'induction' consisted of introducing myself to my new room mates. I then went down the NAAFI and had a mug of tea and a fruit pie with them. I still bear the mental scars today.
Went out for a pint in Amesbury....

The horror.....
Initiations don't happen in the army. Nope. Definitely not. :blank:
Got to the unit, shown my grot, shown where the bar was, got the first round in and got a kicking.

Standard welcome to the btn, been going on for years. It allows your new comrades to see how you handle it and what type of bloke you are.

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Mine was being shown to my pit around 20:00, was in the Sqn bar for 20:15 and drank until midnight. The rest of the Sqn were in NI, so all were left to 'buddy' me on the rear party were the admins and raging alcoholics. It set the theme for the rest of my career.

The next day it started to snow and I was dipped to stand on the back of a gritter throwing the stuff out with a shovel. The damp salt/grit froze so it wouldn't go down the chute to the spreader.

The norm first night was a sounding out in the Sqn bar with a stein of spirits, beer and piss.
Got to unit, first weekend on the piss from Friday to Sunday morning in Milton Keynes.

Stagged on the Sunday, and because it was middle of the summer the beer just oozed out of every pore.

Wearing the old KF combats, jacket, green flak jacket and helmet was a real treat. Oh the memories :)


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Got to the unit on a Friday afternoon.

Taken to my quarter (wife not with me)

Went shopping, found pub had first German beer, staggered home a few hours later and was to drunk to unlock front door.
Hit the bar and got fecked on Strawberry flavour MD 20-20 because I was told by some of the older lads to stick to that.

5am the next morning we were rudely awakened by the shouty man with the stripey sleeve and put through 2 hours of PT with other slightly cross dressed chaps in white vests with red edging. Oh they looked lovely in the half light!

I soon found out the reason for the MD 20-20...because it tastes the same coming up as it did going down..and my god did it come up!! Much to the ammusment of the shouty man!

..and then off to the shower block and then breakfast.
Junior Leaders RAOC; got sent to the QM's for a "long weight". It turned into a "long wait"! The penny dropped when the RQMS, who had told me to wait outside, came out of his office at lunchtime and asked if that was long enough?!

I also recall some jolly jape involving being tied to the ironing table (Table, 6'0" GS, for the use of) and having a hot iron placed very close to the chest to be replaced by a cold mess tin pressed down onto the chest! Hillarious, apparently!
And they certainly never, ever, happened in 1st Bn The King's Own Scr0tum Burners. Not even in about 1992.
The incidents, you allude to concerning 1KOSB occurred in 1987-ish not 1992, they were an anomaly confined to one particular rifle company which suffered under poor leadership and short lived, the bullies were seen off in no uncertain fashion.

Sadly the incident arrested the promising careers of an outstanding Commanding Officer, Adjutant, and Regimental Sergeant Major (all of whom were friends of mine). Fortunately they were replaced by a brilliant trio, the Commanding Officer, recently deceased, was a leading light in the SAS, the Adj went on to become a Major General (who would, undoubtedly, have become CDS had he not retired prematurely) and outstandingly innovative operational commander in AFG, and the RSM a field officer with an OBE; between them they restored the morale and esprit de corps of their Bn and returned it to peak operational efficiency.
Strangely the Company Commander of the company in which the 'initiations' transpired, who should have known what was going on in his command and nipped it in the bud, was later promoted.

Initiations certainly didn't happen during my time with the regiment from the early '60s through early '80s though they were an extremely 'hard' Bn.
we had black gaffer tape put over or eyes, then some wag stuck a Jason King moustache on your face you then had your picture taken like that and you had to swear to always use that picture
Tramped over sacrosant piece of swept sand in front of Guardroom,11H, after overnight flight from UK to Aden.After presenting travel documents to Provost Corporal,I was severely admonished for walking over 'My sand,don't do it again,OK?' Nodding head,I turned round and walked straight back across sand to pick kit up.Not a good start.After being taken to a billet,went for a crap,heard a few giggles outside,then lighter fuel squirted under door,followed swiftly by a lit match.I was amused to discover same Provost Cpl. ended up RSM much later down the line.I never heard of any ritual initiation ceremonies as such,certainly nothing physical as mentioned in some previous posts.

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