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What was your first gig or concert

No! I remember going to one in 1970ish in shepton mallet and to this day I have absolutely no idea who it was performing...no matter they were probably shyte anyway.
Rory Gallagher some time in the seventies - Ulster Hall. He was the only one who would do concerts in the mayhem of Belfast in those days. Pre drugs but everyone shedded including himself. RIP.
Too many fried brain cells to remember properly, but it would probably have been Dunelm House in Durham around '67.

Don't know who did the bookings, but he was a genius, got acts that were about to break for bugger all....... I think they got Hendrix just as "Hey Joe" charted, I heard they paid them £30.

Unknowns like Free and Jethro Tull and Family blew us away, plus off the wall stuff like the Skatalites, and Geno Washington.

Over in Sunderland, saw Country Joe and the Fish at The Bay Hotel, then there was the old bowling alley, christened The Fillmore North, where the cream of rock played.

This guy was the promoter, I read his book a while ago and it brought it all back...Welcome to geoffdocherty.co.uk


The Stranglers, Gospel according to the men in black, straight after the Nice riot I think about 1980 at Carlyon bay, Also saw Billy Bragg and the Kinks there but at different times!
Sash! (and a few others but they were the main name) on 31st August 1997 in Wallasey Park. Surprised it went ahead considering the entire nation was grief whoring to death over the Household Division's cum dump.

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