What was your first car?.................

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by TheBigUn, Dec 4, 2006.

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  1. Talking in the office the other day about our first cars and needless to say some of them were pretty dire. No doubt some of the older arrsers will have had some classics.

    To get us started mine was a 1977 Granada coupe, it was red with a black vinyl roof and the reg was ALX 30B (BFG)

    What was your first car and can you remember the registration number?
  2. 1928 Austin 12/4 SB3157

  3. Fiat 132 2litre Twin Cam
    About a 1981 I think, sold my soul to the devil to buy it at 18 and nigh on bankrupt myself to insure it.....
    Was a wonderful car for a few months until I broke it, replaced it with a 1981 Rover SD1 V8, a completely stupid car for an 18 year old bloke.
    Way back then petrol was less than £1.50 a gallon!!
  4. Sh*t thread. To "the hole"!
  5. Oh well that's another set of "proof of life" questions out the window then :oops:
  6. 1954 Austin A40 Somerset. Originally black, but I resprayed it red and yellow. Marvellous old crate!

  7. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    2 litre Hillman Humber. That car could move and should not have been sold to someone who had just passed their test!!!!!!! Second hand car but close to my heart, even now 30+ years later. The registration number - ESY599E.
  8. 1969 Humber Sceptre Mark III
  9. Mine was a Ford Sierra Sapphire, loved that car until I went off on exercise and my lovely slapper of an ex wife lent it to the bloke she was shagging and he pranged it and wrote it off.

    Bastage got the pad shaggers posting before I could get to him.
  10. A lovely Mk1 black 1980 V reg LHD VW golf Rabbit (swapped a 1986 c reg suzuki TS125X for it) survived many trips from Bovvy to Colchester and Chester.
  11. Rover P5B coupe, 3.5V8 brown with a vinyl roof and biege leather interior, wasn't mine it was my grandfathers but he would pick me up from school in it each day, let me drive it up the driveway (with him controling the pedals), honk its horn-but not on a sunday cause that was disrespectful and let me wash it most weekends ,motoring nirvana for any young scrote . As for me just e-bay'd an 88inch landy, biggest waste of cash ever but there was something about it, was called fred.
  12. Opel Kadett C. Mustard yellow where it wasn't rusted away. 8O

    Can't remember the plate but it was something like VE855B (BFG).

    Cost me DM200 and a large pile of yellow handbags to the fitters in the servicing bay to get it on the road.

    Built in 1977 and fell to bits in 1983.
  13. Triumph Spitfire, KGN 483T.
    Bit gay really...
  14. Mine was a N reg Mk I Ford Escort RS Mexico in Sebring red. Good car, lasted ages.

  15. Morris Ital, nasty car. Ran alright for about 6 months, then cnuty chops took a bend too fast and broke it. Took it rallying on feldom ranges, then burnt the fcuking heap of shite.