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What was your first air rifle/pistol and where did you go to use it?


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Aged 6', it was a Gat 177', at 11 BSA Meteor, 22 with tele sights, moved through Lee Enfield 22 in cadets to,That rifle, at 17, finally ending up back at my BSA Meteor 22 with my wife's identical 22 at 30 until a rat problem necessitated a new Cometa with 3 to 9X 50 sights on it last year. Or I could have called the council ? .
Started shooting when you were about 183 cms old ?
I'm old enough to,ignore this newfangled metric stuff i also thank auto fill and fat fingers.


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Original MOD 5.jpg
My first air pistol was an Original MOD 5 in .177 which came in a home made wooden carry case.

I found out that our doors in the house were made of ply with a honeycomb core, when a pellet smashed through both sides shot across the hall and went through both sides of my sisters door. Aged 11 in 1982 I was bricking it at the thought of what my father would do when he found out.

My first rifle was bought via Stamford Gunrooms in 1998, a BSA Supersport that was modified by B&M in Birmingham. They replaced the spring with an Ox which takes it just below what is required to be registered on a FAC and added a moderator to it. The scope is a White tail with zoom but zeroing it is a pain and takes screwdrivers instead of a nice dial.
Gat , Webley junior , then at about 11 a Super Meteor in .22 , shot enough rabbits at 50p a piece to the local butcher to buy a Feinwerkbau 127 sport , also had various ASI types including the awful Statical recoilless thing .....still have the Webley , BSA and Feinwerkbau.
We lived on a large farm and had about 1000 acres to roam freely on , I seem to remember from about the age of 9 or 10 we were armed to the teeth with knives , bows and cross bows( home made and manufactured ) , air rifles and various other weapons for most of the time , experimented freely with trying to make pellets tracers or explode , not to mention buying any and all of the Sabot or Prothemus type pellets , also all the various chemical compounds that could be made to go bang and are often found in large qualities on farms .
Strangely none of us were ever seriously injured , didn't turn into criminals or rampant killers or gangster's despite what the law makers and police would have you believe.
The only thing that frightened us all was the bloody crossbow that still lives at the bottom of my wardrobe , 150lbs pull and steel tipped carbon bolts made short work of anything we shot at including Bod's Toyota Corrolla , with the bolt entering the boot from about 10 metres range and ending up stuck in the dashboard having passed through the boot lid , a crash helmet , the back seat and the passengers seat on the way
First was a Gat (although they are inertia powered not air) .

I got away with that excuse at 14 when a couple of occifers apprehended me whilst shooting on the field beside our house. I told the sergeant it was inertia powered - in fact, as the barrel goes forward, air is compressed in the wider part of the cylinder and is then routed to the barrel through 2 holes to the side of the screw pin. He sort of believed me and had a go with it (an Original model 2). It was hopelessly inaccurate, but consistent in it's inaccuracy; I could hit things, but new users couldn't, the cop missed horribly and his constable took the piss when I hit it 1st go. I used to take it everywhere with me and even sewed an old jeans pocket inside my denim jacket, under the arm, so it wouldn't be noticed. It's still in my loft.

I still have all the air weapons I bought and have recently, ahem, refurbished them.

BSA Scorpion Pistol. WAAAY too heavy to use accurately, makes a good "carbine", with an added laser for dull conditions and a laugh.

BSA Airsporter MkIII (with a friends MkIV, also refurb'd)
Airsporter MkIII.jpg

Webley Osprey


Weihrauch HW35E

In the '60s, our estate had ally lamp posts with plastic lamp covers. The Airsporter above put a hole right through it. Funny until the council bloke came to fix it and placed his ladders so he could look through the big hole and the small entry hole, which lined up with my bedroom.
Luckily, he didn't bother doing anything.
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