What was your best WAH.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by leethelooney, Feb 25, 2010.

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  1. This thread is to serve two purposes.

    1. To share with everyone your best WAH to hopefully share the amusement that went with it.

    2. To educate people what a WAH actually is, especially for all the people that think this thread is a WAH.

    To start then, and I'm sure its not the funniest, but it was at the time.

    There was about 10 of us sleeping in an 18 by 24 when early one morning one of the guys got up and grabbed his washkit and towel. As he was heading out of the tent I shouted up, 'Smudge, are you going for a wash?' He replied 'yeah mate.'
  2. I'm shite at the wah game but it's always easy to get people on the re-bound if you're on the ball, i.e: 'WAHHH' - 'that wasn't a wah' - 'yes it was!' - 'WAAAHHH!!'.
  3. Bosnia 1996..

    Me - "those Royal Engineer lads must be strong to lift that hesco, full of rubble, on top of the other one"

    Mac - "Oh no, they put it up there when it's empty!"

    me - "thank you!!"
  4. Chubb. Thankyou.
  5. What's Chubb? :?
  6. On the receiving end going on a course.

    My Mate: PYO Strawberries, PYO Strawberries. P.. Y.. O.. ?

    Me: Pick Your Own, stupid.

    MY Mate: Waaahhhhhhh

    Me: Silence all the way to Catterick.
  7. Iv never done a wah
  8. Saw my mate making himself a brew.
    I asked him, 'You making a brew?'
    'Do you want one?' He asks.
    'Yes please mate'
    'Fuck off!'
  9. After we had gone up Snowdon at a pretty brisk pace as a squad we approached the trig point, I put out the feeler, "is this the summit then" somebody a few places behind explained in a out of breath way that it was indeed the summat, only to receive a mighty raucous WAH from the rest of the squad.
  10. Many times driving down the M6.

    Me "Isn't the RAC control centre somewhere around here?"

    Passenger "There it is! "

    Me "Wah"
  11. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer


    I don't get it?

    Perhaps this is the first ever Wah, I've been to Pakistan and the water looks like stagnant piss:

  12. I mate of mine was an ex bootneck and was renowned for being King of the Wahs. He showed us all a photo of his squad with him sat on the front row sporting a handlebar tache. He said `The bastards took this photo when I wasn`t there` (expecting the obvious reply to catch one of us out). `Oh yes, I said, you are not in it are you?
    `Yes, I am on the front row, only kidding`
    The roof nearly came of with shouts of WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!
  13. She's a poster who...wait a minute...why you little rascal, you!
  14. Sat in Kandahar waiting for onward travel I have my mockingbird on my helmet (infra red gizo).

    Mate says whats that?
    - I carefully study him and decide it's not a wah so I said 'Its a mockingbird mate
    Oh, the little infra red thing?
    - 'Yes', I reply, 'Only I think mines run out of batery cos I can't see it flashing.'
    'Duh', he replies, 'it's infra red'

    2ic sat 2 tables down says 'Tpr X, I do believe you've just been wah'd'.

    Now you know you've been done if an officer clicks on before you do!
  15. msr

    msr LE

    Does anyone else find this concept of wahing tedious?