What was your best and worst day in the Military?

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On second thoughts the mid-80s stuff was rather specialised. Perhaps the best thing was protecting overnight and evacuating 186 civilians at Guca Gora in Bosnia in 1993.

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You didn’t do it right then.
You’re right, wrong regiment bullshit all the way had fun in Berlin but the rest was crap NI was a break, after that it was freedom..Anyone thinking of joining The Household Division think again.
January 6th, 2005 Taji, Iraq

Route Redlegs

the M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle ahead of me had to cross a culvert over redlegs to continue a patrol it was dusk. Redlegs was a very dangerous road but we only had to cross an 20m section of it.

Under the culvert was a 1,000lb aircraft bomb hard wired for command detonation. 7 brothers gone in a flash and it burned all night. We spent the next 48 hours dredging for body parts and gear. VonnRonn the medic we found the top of his skull almost 400m away

To your seven brothers in arms...Rest In Peace

Lest We Forget.


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Sometimes, can be the same thing...
7th Sept 2005. Best because I found out that I can do the right thing in stressful situations. Worst because I held a blokes hand as he bled to death and couldn't do anything about it.
Too many best days to mention - if that makes sense.

Worst day was the day I left. Didn’t want to leave but family situation dictated it. Turned out for the better in the end but I was mighty pissed off.
On second thoughts the mid-80s stuff was rather specialised. Perhaps the best thing was protecting overnight and evacuating 186 civilians at Guca Gora in Bosnia in 1993.
Reuters Archive Licensing Are you on this? Can't play it on my work laptop (bloody IT fun police) but will have a look at home.
Worst was 14 May 89 when HMS BRILLIANT's lynx crashed killing all 9 on board. I was a baby officer under training and spent the next week working at the crash site. Absolutely bloody awful.

Best; so many to choose from but ignoring all the fantastic runs ashore in far flung places and the ops and adventures, for me it was getting a result at work a couple of years ago, against all the odds, that made a huge, positive difference to an oppo who was having a truly tragic time. I was walking on air at the end of that day.
Too many best days...or months...or years.

Germany 84 , day off work tomorrow to go Xmas shopping, my then girlfriends sister said . Would you like to go ice skating tomorrow? Ok .

She turns up at the camp and I hop in her car. We go to a German castle mit moat frozen over and skate on said moat ! Then drink gluhwine and rhum .

1989 . What , you mean I have to go to Italy for four and a half months and we have to work from 07:30 until 13:00 every day, and we get an extra 25 quid a day plus LOA , and the Italian mess has , at lunch time pasta, fruit and wine on the table, and if we drink the wine some Italian conscript fills up the wine bottle until we pass out?

94 Oh we need someone qualified as a ski instructor to go to Bavaria for a 4 month skiing course.

95 Oh we need a qualified climbing instructor to go to Bavaria/ Austria for a 2 month climbing course.

Posted to Sardinia to the BAOR adventure training base in 95.

Oh it’s a villa on the beach in Sardinia and I have to actually work for two days every two weeks , Oh and I have an account with the RAF where , when I provide a reciept for what ever I buy they will reimburse me.

Called in as I have to be posted some where.

“Er we see you do climbing and stuff, how about Cyprus for two years”

Best: being dicked to be the British liaison SNCO for a multi national/tri service exercise and being left to it talking with senior USMC and Dutch officers and it going off (from our point of view) very well.

Worst: recently leaving the TA/AR after 21 years. Not a thank you, not an OC's interview...just you are done, now f**k off attitude.
(in relation to GB's and jambosun's worst days, I shall get back in my box and dry my eyes. Thankful that I have come out from my tours relatively unscathed.)
Best - issued a chit for 16 weeks leave for my burst lumbar disk from a civvy stand in for the medical officer .

Worst - Being called back to the guardhouse just as I was leaving the camp to see the Adjutant. "Luckily" the adj was an expert on spinal injuries, and I only needed 6 weeks.
Worst (actual): seeing the faces of kids in wrecked Bosniak towns, then seeing smirking Serb scum half a K away.

Worst: (career) getting an A3 confidential - that's excellent performance in the reporting period, not ready for promotion- having been manned up in a Sgt/Ssgt job as a lancejack.

You realise you're going nowhere and there's nothing you can do about it. Signed off within a week.

Best: ooooh something to do with guns, beer or hot Norwegian birds in Cyprus. Maybe Swedes.
Best: Gagging for a pee in Bosnia I jumped out of the Land-rover into a snow covered field and relieved myself.

Worst: After the warm urine had melted away a AP Mine and a tripwire to something bigger, trying to retrace my steps out of the minefield.
Best: In a bar half way up a ski slope in Bavaria getting pissed with a bunch of box heads.

Worst: The first time you hear one of your mates isn’t coming home.
Best: quite a few, but my first best day was probably the Friday of my first ever Nijemegen Marches, at the end of the tab, and we did our final parade through the town, being cheered on by everybody, and ending at the beer tent. Then pulling quality Cloggie totty on the night. Remember, it is not the tabbing which knacks yer feet - it's the dancing afterwards!

Worst: being dicked for my squadron's site guard at Munsternord, even though a few months earlier, I had been sent to another squadron to make the numbers up on their site guard there. I also lost out on a week's leave, as I couldn't carry it over.

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