What was "W/T Navigation" ?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by _Chimurenga_, Oct 21, 2012.

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  1. _Chimurenga_

    _Chimurenga_ LE Gallery Guru

    I am currently reading a biography of the aviatrix Amy Johnson and in it the author mentions the subjects that needed to be mastered in order to obtain a Pilot's "B License" (circa 1929), one of which is W/T Navigation. A quick google & wiki search leads me only to endless mobile phone entries.

    Any help ?
  2. wireless..voice
    only guessing here so don't shout at me.
  3. I would think it has something to do with using your wireless set to home in on radio beacons which were in their infancy in those days.
  4. Is it flying on instruments following corrections from the ground?
  5. Well, now, W/T means 'wireless telegraphy' - or radio as we might call it now, So W/T navigation would be what we might now call navigation using radio aids. By 1929, I think we had the radio compass, which would allow homing to a transmitter and various versions of the radio range, which was an early directional transmitter - It put out four fairly wide beams that could be used for homing with rather more precision - the forerunner of ILS, I suppose, not to mention VOR and TACAN. There was also HF DF by then, I think, so the navigator could make a transmission and receive information about his or her bearing from a HF DF station. Consol was a rather later idea, I think.

    Google the terms in italic and tell me if I'm in the right ball park.

    Edited to add: Wikipedia has a very informative introduction under sonne, it turns out.
  6. Like Decca and suchlike.
  7. It was still used in the 90,s with brave men working on their own in Jungles and deserts setting up radionavigation beacons in far flung godless locations, on their own for months at a time.

    It was called Syledis !!
  8. I think the terms in those days were:

    Wireless Telegraphy (W/T)- morse
    Radio Telephony (R/T)- voice
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  9. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    I seem to remember that w/t nav was based on steering to commercial beacons like radio stations or beam riding to vector out somewhere.

    old planed back then has those round antennae which could be tuned to find the bearing of a station or allow you to follow a beam to target like both we and the germans did on bombing raids

    Gee-H (navigation) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  10. ... and this may provide the answer as Lorenz was developed as a blind approach navigation system ... perhaps other such sytems had been developed and this person was qualified to carry out a blind landing , e.g. in fog , with aid of such kit .
  11. As others here have, I'd put my money on wireless telegraphy.
  12. Without seeing context of the original quote, could it mean W/T and Navigation - as two separate subjects?
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  13. _Chimurenga_

    _Chimurenga_ LE Gallery Guru

    Nope, I quote from the book ("Amy Johnson" by Constance Babington Smith. Collins; London, 1967, p. 166) -

    "Henceforward all holders of the pilot's 'B' Licence would have to satisfy new requirements as navigators. This meant mastering the following subjects: Form of the Earth, Maps and Charts, Meteorology, Dead Reckoning, Direction-finding, W/T Navigation, The Earth's Magnetism and Compasses, Visual Signalling, International Legislation."

    Oh, and my gratitude to everyone who has responded.