What was the point.

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by hillhater, Jul 9, 2009.

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  1. What did making bed blocks ever teach anybody,I made one good one ever,kept it at bottom of locker for 3 months of basic,slept in a bag.I got bought out at 0630 anl left there till 2300.Changing parades,another waste of time,have never found wearing one boot one pump a helmet no2 shirt and NBC trs any use.And the worst ever Bulling boots,shiny boots yes but endless hours stinking of Kiwi noooooooo.
  2. It was supposed to build character, but it seems like it doesn't always work. Live and learn, eh?
  3. The main reason for bed blocks was Hygiene,It ensured the bed was stripped daily and not left to develop into a festering mess like the one you had at home, the bullshit and discipline were secondary reasons.
  4. You had a bed at home?Bourgeois twat.I had a place on the floor, next to the tin bath, in front of the fire (lit once a week), in Buller Staff Block. So There!
  5. Anybody who got a character from this method deserved one like they got.Being shouted at by some dimwit who thought that this was training was a total waste of time,as a quarter of my intake left within a couple of weeks of starting.These were some of the clever,fit,and with an education lot that the Corp needed.
  6. And you want National Service back...to sort out the hoodies?
  7. Yeah I can see they weeded all the ones with an edjumakashun out, leaving you....standing there...bemused....breathing through your mouth.
  8. Funny that, everyone in my intake had no problems whatsoever, and that wasn't too long ago either (1995)

    Being made to complete pointless tasks is the army's way of training you to carry out orders whether you consider them to be questionable orders or not. They hand out quilts in depots now, and look at the dross coming out of training these days....

  9. Well when I said bed, I used the term very loosely..there was 16 of us sharing it, ..and tin bath! you owned tin? luxury!.. tin was considered a precious metal where I came from.
  10. What was the point? Do unmade beds and dirty shoes really seem like reasonable alternatives to you? Or was it all just a waste of time when you could have been running up hills?
  11. We slept between the mattress cover and one blanket throughout training rather than break up the bed block. However, 7 years after passing out I was in JSMRU Chessington for physio and the 5th skins RSM they had insisted that we all made bed blocks for his inspections. What a ******!!
  12. Didn't work at Dalton Bks some years ago. Our OC asked the SQMS how many sheets had been exchanged over a period of a month for the (mainly sproggy) singlies block. It worked out at about 10%.
    The OC on his next block inspection gets everyone to take their quilts off so he can inspect the sheets underneath. Guess what? :roll:
    Most were greyer than John Major on a grey sunday in Greysville. To say he went ballistic would be a massive understatement. The Tp Sgt's got their arrse's kicked too.
  13. What year would that have been?


    Quis Separabit

    Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum
  14. I think 89 people joined at the same time as me. The bed packs, boot bulling, shouting and gimme 50 pressups etc were (are still I hope) designed to shake people out of their slack civvy attitudes and instill some discipline as well as teaching people the importance of routine and obeying orders and instructions the, reasons for which may not immediately be apparent. Around 50 people eventualy passed out from our group and I have to say that those who left without completing the training were, almost without exception, either whining, whinging cu nts, slackers, or walts who wanted to wear a uniform to impress the girs (shudder, what girl could be impressed by No. 2 dress?) but who didnt want to do the nitty gritty of being a soldier. Two of those who left considered themselves too clever to be soldiers, but both failed to make the grade for officer training.

    All of the bed packery, bulling etc also brought everyone down to the same level, after which people with real leadership skills began to surface and some who were really intelligent but had no formal academic qualifications showed their qualities against those who had bluffed their way in civvy street but couldnt do so in the army.
  15. Thats not to say that people cant bluff their way in the army, I bluffed my way successfully for 22 years LOL.