What was the number one record the day you were born?

Singing The Blues - Guy Mitchell and The Garden Of Eden - Frankie Vaughan. (Both acts shared the No.1 spot for 1 week)

That makes me speshul but fuckin' hell it's made me feel old. What's worse is that I have heard them both..
A town called malice - The Jam
Fernando by ABBA. *shudder*
Give Me Your Word by Tennessee Ernie Ford. Never heard of the septic, his first No1 in the UK, another site lists Softly, Softly by Ruby Murray (so thats why I love curry)
Strangers in the Night by Big Frank.

Quite chuffed with that, and yes I am a sad bastard
All Kinds Of Everything - Dana
She grew up in the Creggan and Bogside and was a Disco slag at the various camps.


Oh dear. Only goes back to '46!
Didn't have music in my day.
Kalin Twins - When - apparently, never heard of it..... Thanks for the linky thing JBZ.

I thought it was nearer the Slade era....................fcuk me i'm getting Old
She loves you - by some scouse beat combo. (never heard of them)
Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon & Garfunkel. Hmmmmm.

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