What Was The Name of That Stanley Baker Army Robbery Film?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by exspy, Jun 13, 2007.

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  1. When I was much younger I recall seeing a black and white movie in which a bunch of criminals were planning to rob the British Army of a safe full of money from a unit which was going overseas. One of the criminals was, if I recall correctly, the late Sir Stanley Baker. I also seem to remember that Harry Andrews played the camp RSM. Harry inadvertently interrupted the plan and had one of the criminals (played by a young blond British up and coming actor) assigned to kitchen duty. The whole robbery failed when one of the crooks took ill from having an inoculation and drinking alcohol afterwards. The movie ended with the truck containing the safe and the criminals burning out of control. Does this ring a bell with anyone?

    It also had a very funny scene with the criminals disguised as a Brigadier and his staff doing a camp inspection during which they had to eat some very rubbery looking fried eggs.

    While I have your attention, does anyone remember a colour film (again made many years ago) that dealt with the trials and tribulations of young Guards officer. I can't recall if it was made in either the 1950's or 60's. I have no idea who the actors were and I doubt any famous names starred in it. The first part of the film was set in London. The young and unsure officer had to make many hard decisions and sacrifices for his career. In the second part the subaltern, now a member of the Guards Parachute Company, attacked a fort that looked like a 'Martello Tower' stuck in the middle of the desert with a small section of men and a piper. The Arab dissidents, or whoever they were, were all killed and the officer realized that he was going to be good at his job after all.

    I remember staying up late and watching both of these films on the late movie when I was in school. I have always liked Stanley Baker as an actor but over here there was very little information on him available at the time. I've always reckoned him to have been the British version of John Wayne or some such. Where is he now that we need him?

    WWSBD (what would Stanley Baker do)
  2. Stanley Baker is my distant cousin, I know the film you mean but cannot remember the title and my mum won't wake up for a few hour,s heres a list of everything he was in prior to Zulu, see if you can spot it

    The Man Who Finally Died (1963) .... Joe Newman

    In the French Style (1963) .... Walter Beddoes
    - aka À la française (France)

    A Prize of Arms (1962) .... Turpin

    Sodom and Gomorrah (1962) .... Astaroth
    - aka Sodoma e Gomorrah (Italy)
    - aka Sodome et Gomorrhe (France)
    - aka The Last Days of Sodom and Gomorrah (USA)

    Eva (1962) .... Tyvian Jones
    - aka Eva (USA)
    - aka Eva, the Devil's Woman
    - aka Eve (UK)

    The Guns of Navarone (1961) .... Pvt. 'Butcher' Brown

    "A Christmas Night with the Stars" (1 episode, 1960)
    - Episode dated 25 December 1960 (1960) TV Episode

    Hell Is a City (1960) .... Insp. Harry Martineau

    The Criminal (1960) .... Johnny Bannion
    - aka The Concrete Jungle (USA)

    Jet Storm (1959) .... Capt. Bardow
    - aka Killing Urge (UK: reissue title)

    Yesterday's Enemy (1959) .... Capt. Langford

    Blind Date (1959) .... Insp. Morgan
    - aka Chance Meeting (USA)

    The Angry Hills (1959) .... Conrad Heisler

    Sea Fury (1958) .... Abel Hewson

    Violent Playground (1958) .... Sgt. Truman

    Campbell's Kingdom (1957) .... Owen Morgan

    Hell Drivers (1957) .... Tom Yately
    - aka Hard Drivers

    Child in the House (1956) .... Stephen Lorimer

    Alexander the Great (1956) .... Attalus
    - aka Alejandro Magno (Spain)

    Jane Eyre (1956) (TV) .... Mr. Rochester

    Helen of Troy (1956) .... Achilles
    - aka Elena di Troia (Italy)

    Checkpoint (1956) .... O'Donovan

    A Hill in Korea (1956) .... Cpl. Ryker
    - aka Hell in Korea (USA)

    Richard III (1955) .... Henry, Earl of Richmond

    The Creature (1955) (TV) .... Tom Friend

    Beautiful Stranger (1954) .... Louis Galt
    - aka Twist of Fate (USA)

    Hell Below Zero (1954) .... Erik Bland, John's Son

    The Good Die Young (1954) .... Mike Morgan

    The Tell-Tale Heart (1953/II) .... Edgar Allan Poe

    The Red Beret (1953) .... Breton
    - aka Paratrooper (USA)

    The Cruel Sea (1953) .... Bennett

    Knights of the Round Table (1953) .... Modred

    BBC Sunday Night Theatre: The Taming of the Shrew (1952) (TV) .... Petruchio

    Home to Danger (1951) .... Willie Dougan

    Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N. (1951) .... Mr. Harrison (bosun)
    - aka Captain Horatio Hornblower (USA)

    The Rossiter Case (1951) .... Joe

    Cloudburst (1951) .... Milkman

    Whispering Smith Hits London (1951) .... Reporter
    - aka Whispering Smith Investigates (USA)
    - aka Whispering Smith vs. Scotland Yard (USA)

    Your Witness (1950) .... Police Sgt. Bannoch, Trial Witness
    - aka Eye Witness (USA)

    Lilli Marlene (1950) .... Evans

    Obsession (1949) (uncredited) .... Bit part
    - aka The Hidden Room (USA)

    All Over the Town (1949) .... Barnes

    Undercover (1943) .... Peter
  3. armchair,

    What a great list of movies. I don't recognize the one I'm looking for, but I could very happily while away the hours watching some that you have listed. Remember his great line from "The Cruel Sea"? It went something like "Way-ho, snorkers!"

    Artemis, I don't see it in your titles either. It does remind me however, how here in Canada we would see British films at different times with either the UK or US release title. "Paratrooper" is one example, the American distributors not believing that their audience would understand the significance of its original title "The Red Beret". I've seen it advertised on television under both. Another is "The Way Ahead" which is always shown over here as "The Immortal Battalion".
  4. Can't remember the SB film - funnilly enough caught 20 mins of it last week on some bizarre channel. The other film, I again watched last week and was called Cavanagh VC starring David Niven, about an officer charged with fraud
  5. It was a Prize of Arms. Good movie! Nice flame-thrower sequences!
  6. Was he in a regiment called "The fusilier guards" if so I have seen it, can't help with the name though ............

  7. The League of Gentlemen with Jack Hawkins and Roger Livesley is the film with ex officers planning a bank robbery, but first steal weapons and gas masks from an Army training camp.

    An inspection by the Fake Brigadier and staff officers of the cook house is the scene your on about with the eggs.

    Sir Stanley Baker wasn't in it though.
  8. Great lines from Prize of Arms:

    Old Lag to Stanley Baker: 'So you were an officer then'

    Stanley Baker: 'Yes'

    Old Lag: 'I bet you were a right b***ard!'
  9. Carrington, I believe... v good film, though his wife needed a slap.

    Saw one on C4 yonks ago, in colour so must have been late-50's/early '60's, about an army officer infiltrating EOKA in Cyprus. Anyone have any idea what it was called?
  10. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    The High Bright Sun?
    Dirk Bogarde - Is that the badger?
  11. Golly you're clever, well done.

    I see it also starred Denholm Elliott, so between the two of them, they could have penetrated the Greek insurgents quite deeply. Mrs.