What was the name of that show?


about 4/5 years ago a historian come travel guy travelled around the baltic states explaining the history of the region and interacting with the camera man (kind of 'Floyd' like) - similarly the camera would shake L-to-R to disagree or zoom into the distance at a piece of skirt (if it was justified).

If anyone has it on vid / dvd / or more details that would be great..
Sorry no, but it sounds like the style of Tim Grundy - Bill's son and actually I do vaguely remember it now.

He has done a load of entertaining history lite shows.

Suggest you e-mail Discovery Channel or check out their DVD shop - you never know.

Mr Happy

Here You Go!

(Born 1958)
Timothy Grundy was born in Manchester on the 4th July 1958. His mother is Scottish and his father, Bill Grundy, (see immediately above) was the famous broadcaster who came to national notoriety during an ill-fated interview with the Sex Pistols during a live television programme in 1977.
In 1975, at the age of 17, Tim began work as a coffee boy at Piccadilly Radio in Manchester and over the next 14 years he rose to be the presenter of the "Breakfast Show" and became the station's Programme Controller.
Tim is a fully qualified journalist, whose folksy relaxed style has made him a popular television presenter, where he works predominantly for Discovery Channel and other satellite broadcasting companies.
His appearances are numerous, including from 1990: "Showbiz People", "People Today", "See You Sunday", "The Forum" and "Pebble Mill".
From 1995 onwards he appeared in several of the by now highly successful "Two's Country" series, including "Two's Country Cooking", "Two's Country Spain", "Two's Country Caribbean", "Two's Country Eastern Europe", "Two's Country Get Stuck In" and "Travelling Light".
1999: "Great Estates" , "Two's Country" which was renewed into 5 television series, "Ship to Shore", "Show People" and "Car Country" among others.
2000: "The Villagers", "Cabin Fever", "Last in the League" and "A Room with a Clue".
Tim has two children and is chairman of The Children's Adventure Farm Trust. He also does work for other charities including the Boys and Girls Welfare Society.


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