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What was the biggest/weirdest cockblock moment you've ever faced?


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Was talking to a friend about this the other night and it got me thinking. I had my usual share of cockblocks from a girl's GFs, bros, friends etc. etc. in general but the one which stands out for me was what happened back in the day in college.

I was driving with a girl I was "trying to get to know well" to a party at a online radio station located just outside Detroit. A friend of mine was a DJ there, they always had good parties during the weekends, so I decided to take this girl with me.

We already had been drinking earlier in the day as I was tailgating for a college football home game, both of us were flirting with each other the whole time (she was new sorority girl, who had just transferred to my campus) etc. Anyways, after the game (which we won by the way), I wanted to take the things up a bit, change the scenery, so asked her if she wanted to join me at this party. Having said yes, I was driving(no I wasn't drunk, stopped quite a few hours earlier) there, with both of us getting all touchy and feely along the way. We were getting close to the place we were headed to, driving on 8mile east, when I couldn't take it anymore, pulled us over into a side street. As we were half naked slithering about in the cramped car steaming up the windows, I wrapped up my fella and was about to.....when,*knock* *knock* knock*! on the windows. Both of us were scrambling to cover ourselves thinking it was a cop or something, when I notice it was a freaking homeless tramp banging on the window to ask for some spare change or empties (MI has recycling laws, so if you take back an empty you get 10 cents). I roll down the window shooing away the guy, but the ****** persisted till I gave him a couple of bucks. His parting shot? "Nice girl, fella!"

That certainly cooled down things, we decided to just go to the party. So yeah, I got cockblocked by a tramp. On 8 mile road. In Detroit.

p.s: before you ask, yes I did, later that night.

Used to be a regular occurrence on Epsom Downs before the mental hospitals were pulled down.

So I'm told...