What was the best (or worst) military bus you ever travelled in, in BAOR

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by bokkatankie, Jun 12, 2012.

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  1. Mine was white one with quite big windows (or was it blue)........
  2. We never seemed to get on a bus that often as there were more than enough Stalwarts that we could freeze to death in the back of!
  3. I always found that as soon I was on the bus, I was ordered "off the bus" again. I don't actually recall going anywhere in one.
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  4. Bus? Sorry, the duty bus has gone to Rinteln to pick up a load if nurses for the NAAFI bop.

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  5. Your Regt obviously dipped out on the bidding for ranges, you had to be on the ranges during the school holidays in order to get the coaches as they were all allocated to get the brats to school rather than troops to the firing point.
  6. Bouillabaisse

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    Buses in the good old BAOR days were longer and bigger and more powerful. When you hit someone with one of those buses they went down and stayed down. The modern buses in service today with their small fuel tanks and weak brakes just don't have the range or stopping power. "Most bus journeys are 200km or less." Huh!
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  7. do you want me to move this to the MT forum or the hole?
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  8. Same for me but then we always got told to get back on the bus
  9. Often we would be advised - the company will prepare to move from grid ### to grid ### by helicopter. The helicopter would never arrive but a bus would.
  10. Same for me but usually by the time everyone was actually on the bus and got all their kit and handbags in a row and stopped squabbling about where they where going to be seated the exercise/op was over

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  11. You obviously never rode on busses as a child. :D

    Ok, the hole it is

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  12. Best was the ride back to camp on the Progress bus after ENDEX called at Zossen Wunsdorf. Sure I saw Gladys there a few times.
  13. Went on a trip to the ducking pool at RNAS Yeovilton the once. Up at stupid o'clock in the freezing cold, onto an equally freezing cold bus for a trip down South. At least the water was warm.

    At the end of a site guard in Germany, a SNCO came up to some of us and advised us that as we were the first to leave the site, we'd best get on the bus else we'd be stuck with the baggage in the back of the 4-tonner. We immediately raced for the 4-tonner, doss bags out, into the reverse prone position all the way back to barracks. Easy life!
  14. Hobby's and Interests?!, this was a vital part of the cold war, buses, apparently, saved the western world from soviet domination.

    I still think it was the bus of nurses from Rinteln, when they got lost and turned up at the IGB, the entire Warsaw Pact lost any further interest in invading, there being, frankly, no point.