What was the best memories of you in the British Army

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DeltaIRE, Apr 14, 2011.

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  1. Good evening,

    I've been lurking through this sub-section of ARRSE recently, and numorous threads have made me crying with laughter, so with the recent Kenya thread making me swimming in my own tears I just wanted to ask for any ex/current army types to tell their best times within the army, be it holidays/nights out etc... :D

    -Thanks for any replys! :)
  2. Driving away from Catterick Garrison, with my discharge papers in my pocket.
  3. Dropping out of hyperspace into high orbit around Rigel 7. We opened fire on the USS Reliant, they fired back & fucked up our warp drive. We then spent the next couple of days playing hide and seek in a nebula (shields & sensors were no good either). Eventually we managed to get around behind Khan and fuck him over and destroy his ship.

    Then the Klingons turned up, we had a bit of a barney & crashed our ship and then stole the klingon's "Bird of Prey"...................

    oh hang on, that wasn't a memory.
  4. I'll never forget being the first man on The Balcony.
  5. The time I shut tuckers finger in the tank door.
  6. It's all a bit of a blur really................. I do remember flying some places, I think? Oh and getting pissed!!
  7. Up the reeperbahn with 3000 bucks in my back pocket.
  8. You would have been better off with Euros (or DM if long ago). The exchange rate for bucks was always a ripoff.
  9. Too be fair Tucker and Paddy were pissing around, it was the same when we were in Cyprus and Garvey twatted his head on the side of the RIB coz they were fucking about the pair of twats.
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  10. Doing English ACE.
  11. When we statred getting issued double beds instead of single beds. Best day of my life.
  12. There was this one time, at band camp.........
  13. Walking up the main drag with a few hundred quid in my pocket and a train warrant, getting just outside the maingate and sparking up a big dirty spliff as my troopy, Coy Commander, RSM, Adjt, the 2ic, CO, Commandant General and the Captain General all walked past at the same time.

    Felt good..

    The amount of pricks that used to say that that was what they were going to do when they leave, funny that because all I remember seeing when someone was off was slightly moist eyes, a frightened look of the unknown and the back of their severley overloaded car shuffling out into the world..
  14. Seeing a particularly annoying fellow recruit have an ND with a blank, shooting herself in the face while saying "Look, don't tell me how to handle my rifle, the fucking safety's on"
  15. A cold wet Winter's evening in Belfast when......................
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