What was the Best EVER MBT.

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Blind_Pew, Jul 5, 2005.

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  1. For all you hard core Tankies.
  2. well in my humble opinion i would say that challenger was a great f***ing tank if only it had not been crippled by mileage restrictions i had the pleasure of working on both it and cr2 (not sure it deserves a proper name)(and that creature we all call chieftan) and played with leopard zwei and m1a1 and to be fair apart from the drivers hatch seal i loved it like a child (how many wagons ever looked after you like this one ) so many places to bolt on ferret/chieftan bins and apart from the whole muff coupling thing few major faults well thats my tuppence and i look forward to a heated debate
    many thanks for the disturbance this will no doubt cause
  3. The Israeli Merkeva always struck me as an interesting bit of kit, a little slow, but great protection and firepower, it even comes with a 60mm mortar in addition to a 120mm main gun, two .50s and a 7.62. Oh yes, a 4 man infantry compartment. What more could you ask for?
  4. to be fair you have a great arguement for the israeli option , and in an anti warsaw pact enviroment it would have been a great asset (would have been nice to know what my life expectancy in one of those would have been in ww3)but it aint that manouverable and the whole engine in the front is troubling and the infrantry compartment is hearsay (really) and i believe they binned the whole sit on the turret and launch 60mm mortar idea as f***ing stupid(under armour being far cleverer(not sure thats a real word
  5. Fair comment, I'm no armour expert, so its good to have some feedback from someone in the know. Its a shame that they coudnt get the entire package to work though, as it would have been pretty awesome. Another triumph of designer optimism over functionality I guess.
  6. life wouldnt be the same without my memories of how s**t CR2 was all nice and white inside whats wrong with getting out of a tank with your black coveralls covered in silver paint(weve all been there on PRE with a can of spray paint and some bolt heads to stick on with glue)(long live challenger) but it did have nice back decks to sleep on (any comment welcome)
  7. Chieftan for driving (how many times around Caterick and Bov (go Badger)). Challenger and Challenger 2 were good bits or kit but didn't spend as much time on them as I would have liked!

    Bloody RMA course and chained to 14B!
  8. One of the problems here is that we are all probably biased towards the AFV we spent most of our service on. The only way to determine the definitive answer is to have some sort of competition.....CAT was an example, where similar generation MBTs compete on a level playing field. Now to be fair we did not have too much to shout about in this, where as those countries who used Leo 1 and 2 often did?

    I know CAT has since long been gone, but its the last real indicator where Western power tanks have been pitted against each other unless you include the recent sale of MBT to Greece. I think Leo won that as well......!

    As regards our own MBTs, you cannot compare CR2 with Chieftain etc. CR2 is fantastic, although having just been to BATUS to do some work watching Scots DG BG its reliability is questionable.
  9. Merkava was designed in the light of Israeli experiences in 1967 and 1973 where they tended to roll out of barracks and immediately open up on a rapidly closing enemy - it's a small country and traditionally the opposition comes to them first. Hence it emphasises armour and ammo stowage, has a decent gun and manoeuverability comes last. The front mounted engine etc allows them to take a mobility kill and keep firing. As they transitioned to driving slowly through urban areas the formula remained valid.

    The "crew compartment" is also the recoil space for the gun - so you can't fire of you carry extra bods - unless you don't like them.
  10. I've always been a big fan of the Panzer IV myself.

    (Dull thread folks)
  11. Personally I`m a great fan of light tanks, early Vickers, PanzerI/II, Scorpion, love the manoeuvrability, good for recce tasks.
  12. Didn't know that. Always thought it a good looking tank.
  13. The recoil space is in the turret, the rear hatch is in the hull.

    Still not much room in the back though, especially if you're fully bombed up.
  14. again we seem to ave missed the Chieftain Bridgelayer...
  15. and the fact that "B" stands for "Battle"